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How YMCA Silicon Valley Saves Time by Using ScreenCloud to Manage Digital Signage in Multiple Gyms from One Central Location 

“ScreenCloud has saved us the time and effort of having to visit all our gyms just to manage the many screens we have. It’s allowed us to broadcast information relevant to each gym but from the comfort of our central office.”

How YMCA Silicon Valley Saves Time by Using ScreenCloud to Manage Digital Signage in Multiple Gyms from One Central Location 

How YMCA Silicon Valley use ScreenCloud to automate group exercise schedules and push marketing content to all its branches from one central location.

YMCA Silicon Valley is a non-profit organization with 10 branches in the valley that provides services for local families and kids to enrich their lives and help build a stronger community. They needed a digital signage solution to promote high-level marketing messaging for group exercise class schedules. 

Initial digital signage aims:

  • Promote exercise class programmes and other marketing material in a prominent way to visitors 
  • Find a system that could be managed from one central location
  • Ability to upload content that is consistent with the YMCA brand

Here, we speak to Rik Nicholson, Director of Creative Services at YMCA Silicon Valley on his experience using ScreenCloud digital signage.

Digital signage journey

We have 10 gyms in our Silicon Valley association of YMCA gyms, all running different activities and exercise class programmes. I needed a digital signage solution that would allow me to push out different content to screens in different locations without having to visit each branch. We also needed to be able to keep control of the branding, and ensure the content that was going out across each screen was consistent. 

Digital signage used

We have screens in 10 different branches. Because the class timetable and other activities vary from branch to branch, I created individual playlists for each location and each screen. The interface was easy, flexible and a joy to use. I could get each screen up and running in a matter of minutes. 

ScreenCloud also created GroupEx PRO app for us, to ensure that we could easily translate our class schedules to screen without having to manually create these a second time around.

Results using ScreenCloud

Our customers are now receiving relevant and up to date information at their local gym. ScreenCloud is a solid solution for the challenge of networking lots of screens in different locations. It’s saved us time and effort while being affordable and a joy to use.

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