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Listen Up: How Digital Signage Amplified the Power of Bangkok’s Biggest Little Headphone Store

Jaben – the “little headphone store” – is the largest multinational portable audio equipment chain in the world, distributing headphones and audio accessories. ScreenCloud digital signage helps to create an inviting in-store experience for customers and employees alike; while driving brand awareness and sales.

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When you need headphones or any portable audio device, you go to Jaben, “the little headphone store”, with its 23+ locations across three continents. But where does Jaben go when they need to create the best experience in-store, and showcase their brand, products and values to their customers?

We spoke with Napat Chalakornkosol, Managing Director of Jaben Thailand, to find out.  Chalakornkosol manages the Bangkok-based store and its winning digital signage content strategy.

Digital signage made simple

Jaben’s previous digital signage software had “become a chore,” according to Chalakornkosol. Every update required multiple steps; if any mistakes happened, the software was not forgiving – the update would have to start from the beginning.

At ScreenCloud, we believe that digital signage should be simple and intuitive, and make our users’ daily lives easier. When Chalakornkosol switched over to our digital signage solution, he quickly noticed the difference in time and effort saved.

”With ScreenCloud, we can cut those tedious tasks, streamline the process and make it automated. It has ease of use to create and customize and automate the signage. Any information we want to deliver, we can deliver it on the fly without taking too much time."

Napat Chalakornkosol

Managing Director, Jaben Thailand

Simple doesn’t mean stunted 

ScreenCloud’s customizable templates, flexible tools and app integrations make it more than just digital signage, it becomes a communication tool for customers and staff alike to alert readers on the newest and most relevant Jaben store information and advertisements.

”For those who need the tools to create eye-catching, on-time marketing for their businesses, this is probably one of the best solutions you can find in the market. This solution will save you a lot of time and effort to deliver your message to your audience and customers."

Napat Chalakornkosol

Managing Director, Jaben Thailand

Revamp Your Company Communications with ScreenCloud

The use of digital signage has proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate fast, effectively, securely, and across your various locations. This is why 9,000+ businesses use ScreenCloud as their preferred digital signage provider.

ScreenCloud works with a wide range of customers in different industries including education, events, fitness, hospitality, retail, and more. 

To see what you can achieve with ScreenCloud, start a free trial today. All you need to do is sign up with your email; no credit card information required.

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