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ScreenCloud Dashboards lets you monitor performance and drive productivity by sharing dashboards across screens, locations and teams.

Now everyone can have access to critical data without compromising security.
Supporting dozens of dashboards including
ScreenCloud DashboardsScreenCloud DashboardsScreenCloud DashboardsScreenCloud DashboardsScreenCloud Dashboards
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Kyle Wagner
Infrastructure Engineer, Flagger Force
Finding a partner to get content on displays securely and efficiently might seem like an easy task, but it’s really not. ScreenCloud is unique in its passion to innovate in this area, with a secure solution that’s robust and easy to use for all levels of users.
Our call center and marketing department needed multiple types of content including secured data on displays, which was very difficult to accomplish. But with ScreenCloud Dashboards supporting virtually any source whereas so many other vendors are limited, we were able to accomplish exactly what we needed. ScreenCloud continues to play an important role in our success.
Kyle Wagner
Infrastructure Engineer, Flagger Force
Real-time performance data for teams
Leaders rely on numbers, but what about getting key performance data in front of the people who can actually affect it? All teams have numbers they can impact through their work. Now they can see them and act.
ScreenCloud Dashboards
A fundamentally different approach
The most critical part of sharing dashboards is keeping credentials secure to protect your company data. Doing so without sacrificing scale and flexibility has been the biggest challenge with freeing dashboards - until now.
ScreenCloud Dashboards
No more hidden dashboards
We all aspire to deliver even better on inclusion. Sharing the data that shows how your business is doing is a way to improve access, break down silos and keep everyone connected. With security and scale, now there’s no excuse.
ScreenCloud Dashboards
Data Dashboards + Digital Signage
Showing dashboards to everyone who can benefit from them represents a massive step forward for any business wanting to create stronger connection between employees and their work. With ScreenCloud, you can deliver a complete Company TV experience that includes dashboards as well as other engaging content and important updates.
ScreenCloud Dashboards
Unleashing the Hidden Dashboard
How secure data-sharing inspires employees and helps companies grow
ScreenCloud Dashboards

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When we first rolled out the screens, our initial output for one department was 90 items per hour. Within four months of having the screens out and pushing out individual performance metrics, we were able to double that, and at this point we’ve tripled it.

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