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Microsoft ScreenCloud partnership

We've partnered with Microsoft to extend the reach of information to your deskless workers

We know workforce performance and engagement suffer when important information is missed. 
Now you can make sure your deskless workforce gets the information they need directly from your Microsoft 365 suite. The time has come to unlock that content and share it with the people who need it the most.

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ScreenCloud Features
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Microsoft Partnership

Using Microsoft already? Then we are the perfect digital signage partner!

Communication happens across all Microsoft 365 applications in an organisation. ScreenCloud complements your Microsoft suite to allow you to seamlessly get that communication to all your workforce, not only the ones sat behind a desk.

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ScreenCloud Features

Learn how Ricoh are empowering their workforce with real-time data using our PowerBI app.

“ScreenCloud has helped Ricoh save 65 weeks a year by moving from manual creation of paper based reports over to digital signage, utilising automated Microsoft Power Bi dashboards”

Sharon Winning

Continuous Improvement Engineer, Ricoh

ScreenCloud Features
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Engage deskless workers with Microsoft Teams

Publish content to your screens

Not all employees have access to Microsoft Teams meaning a large proportion of your workforce are missing out on important information. With our Microsoft Teams app you are now able publish the messages you send in Microsoft Teams directly onto the screens in seconds. Ensuring all important messages are seen by workers right when they need it, with zero effort and with zero design team needed.

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ScreenCloud Features
ScreenCloud Features
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Improve performance with PowerBI

Get the data in front of teams that need it the most

Boost performance and efficiencies by getting the right information in front of the right teams. With our Power BI app, it allows teams to expand the reach of their Power BI data by displaying it securely on screens across the organisation.

ScreenCloud Features

Unleash your Microsoft 365 content

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Connections across Microsoft 365 suite

ScreenCloud complements your existing Microsoft 365 suite. Allowing you to break the technology silos and curate and share content from different applications.

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Get your next Powerpoint presentation in front of more people

With our powerpoint support you can get your well design on brand slides onto the screen. Boosting the impact and sharing them with workers who don't have access 
to Powerpoint.

Put your Yammer social content on-screen and center stage

How ‘social’ are your Yammer social channels if deskless teams can’t access them? Why not take the social narratives to them, with Yammer digital signage integration?

Set your Excel data free 
to empower others

All that data hiding in spreadsheet silos has tons of value to others. You just need to set it free via digital signage.

Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint and so much more...

We're on a mission to make sure your deskless workforce are getting the information they need across your entire Microsoft 365 suite.

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In a just a few minutes, you’ll learn to make your favorite worktools and productivity apps more productive and inclusive than you thought was possible.

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