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The Missing Operating System For Screens

Meet the perfect pairing for your digital signage. Performant, secure, affordable, and now with powerful remote device management.

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The operating system purpose-built for screens

Introducing the new & improved ScreenCloud OS

Our proprietary OS and media player comes with the enterprise-grade features, performance and support IT leaders expect; including powerful remote device management.

Get the best digital signage experience with ScreenCloud OS behind the screens.

High standards, low maintenance

Benefit from a culture of continuous improvement

When you invest in ScreenCloud OS, you’re investing in the ‘here and now’ as well as our vision for a low-CAPEX, web-first future for digital signage. Expect new features, security updates and capabilities to be added over time, and over-the-air.

View Specifications
Greater performance

Run demanding content with ease

ScreenCloud OS powers a Station P1 Pro device that has up to 2x more CPU performance than the Amazon Fire TV Stick and up to 4x as much total device RAM and storage.

Fast multi-screen deployment

Get up and running in seconds

Remove all complexity with our plug-in-and-play approach. ScreenCloud OS runs on the high-performing Station P1 Pro device, pre-installed with ScreenCloud's software for streamlined deployment in minutes.

Stripped down to minimize risk

Focus on everything but security

As digital signage experts, we understand the complex security issues that come with getting your content onto screens securely. Connect your audiences with compelling screen content to drive sales productivity and engagement – without compromise.

Secure by design, ScreenCloud OS is only built to run digital signage. With enterprise-grade security – including logs and reporting – ScreenCloud OS also provides support for secure network configurations, proxies and custom room CAs.

Complete flexibility

Purpose-built for digital signage, optimized for ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud's cloud-based software works on any screen, TV or device. But with so many options for media devices, it can be hard to choose the right one for your screen network; which is why we continued our commitment to flexibility with ScreenCloud OS – it works with any screen for seamless deployment.

Screencloud OS
The technical bit
The inner workings of the ScreenCloud OS Station P1 Pro device…
Six-core 64-bit processor,
frequency up to 1.8GHz

Quad-core GPU


32GB eMMC storage

WiFi and Ethernet
2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band WiFi,
supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocol
and 10/100/1000Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet

1 x HDMI with 4K output

1 year warranty
(we will ship you a free replacement
in the case of a faulty unit)

Discover more
about ScreenCloud OS

The easiest way to get ScreenCloud on your screens

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Experience exceptional performance

ScreenCloud OS device vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick

We have long championed the use of inexpensive consumer-grade devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick to power smaller digital signage screen networks. But they're not purpose-built for the sophistications of digital signage on a larger scale.

So we built our own.

ScreenCloud OS is powered by a Station P1 system-on-chip device with a 6-Core 64-bit CPU and 4-core GPU, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 32GB of eMMC flash storage. Compared to the Amazon Fire TV Stick Gen 2, the CPU is about 2X faster with 4x more total device RAM and storage.
ScreenCloud OSScreenCloud OS
Up to
ScreenCloud OSFaster
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Setup Time
Set up a ScreenCloud OS device in 3 minutes, versus around 8 minutes to set up an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Plus, set up multiple ScreenCloud OS devices with the same provisioning flash drive for exponential savings at scale.
ScreenCloud OSScreenCloud OS
ScreenCloud OSFaster
Amazon Fire TV Stick
“There's almost no comparison possible to the Amazon Fire TV Stick in terms of performance. ScreenCloud OS is fast and very responsive.”
Zacharie Coskun
Global Agents

How it works

ScreenCloud OS
Unbox the ScreenCloud OS Station P1 Pro device and connect to the internet. Then, connect the device to your screen.
ScreenCloud OS
Sign In
As ScreenCloud's cloud-based software is pre-installed, simply login or create an account.
ScreenCloud OS
Manage your content and screen network from the ScreenCloud content management system. Automatic over-the-air updates keep everything up to speed.


ScreenCloud OS is priced at
per device
For bulk orders, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.
If you’re using ScreenCloud Signage, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about ScreenCloud Studio and ScreenCloud OS.
Optional extra
Comprehensive Business Support
For larger businesses we offer a comprehensive Business Support rollout package. This includes:
ScreenCloud check icon
Pre-configuring every device for each location with relevant network setup.
ScreenCloud check icon
Pre-connecting every device to your ScreenCloud account and structuring your devices based off your existing spaces.
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Instant content delivery; we'll develop and deploy a content strategy that will start as soon as you plug in your device.


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Get ScreenCloud OS
ScreenCloud OS is available to both new and existing ScreenCloud users. Register your interest using the contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you with further details.