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    Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected Workforce
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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?What is ScreenCloud?HardwareAppsProduct UpdatesSecurityDashboards




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Case Studies

Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected WorkforceShow all case studiesScreenCloud arrow
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How an American brewery creates a stronger company culture & community with digital signage

An employee-centric internal communications strategy is driven by relevant, impactful and empathetic messaging. ScreenCloud’s customer, an American large-scale beer manufacturer, understands the importance of getting the message right, as well as the medium – resulting in seamless communication with their frontline workers, who may lack access to the digital devices office workers typically enjoy on the job.

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Internal communication and employee engagement initiatives have always been important to the company’s leadership; yet the former strategies sometimes missed the mark, especially with their employees on the production floor.  

With a dynamic and vibrant workforce consisting of a mix of sales, office, and manufacturing employees, internal communication within the office is fairly straightforward to deliver as all office employees have access to their emails and other messaging and collaboration apps. However, communication is noticeably more difficult when it comes to deskless employees; the all-important frontline workers who make the beer! 


Frontline brewery workers are essentially unplugged, or digitally detached, and lack access to their email inboxes. For example, if a production line is down, communicating with the manufacturing team or managers – who then ladder it down to production employees – would take too much time. 

For their office employees, it is crucial for informative content regarding social or promotional events to show on their office TVs. Such content needs to be flashy and quick to hold employee attention; well-designed, on-brand, and designed with the digital display screen format in mind. 

Before ScreenCloud, the company used another digital signage tool but found that it was not reliable enough to meet basic requirements such as sharing information visually and in real-time. 


In their breweries, ScreenCloud has been implemented to conveniently display information regarding packaging lines, brew tanks, and emergency-focused equipment announcements to workers – those ‘in the moment’ updates that promote informed decision-making and operational efficiency. 

For their office setup, ScreenCloud comes in handy for displaying the company’s branded content, especially internal office events and new beverage line launches. For example, they used ScreenCloud’s fun, flashy, and quick presentation templates to promote a workplace event on the TVs and get employee attention.

Key Benefits of ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is the leading digital signage solution for deskless businesses for increased productivity, communication, and engagement within the workforce. With ScreenCloud's digital signage, you can transform your screen to visualize critical information and drastically improve engagement. ScreenCloud’s digital signage solution offered two main benefits.

Sharing Key Information, Site-wide

One of the benefits of ScreenCloud is the ability to “send quick high level communications out to [our] different locations with one click” without email.

This benefit affects the whole company from people behind desk to those working in warehouses or production lines. Some 38% of office workers cite email fatigue as a reason to quit their jobs, therefore communicating with them without adding onto their inbox is more likely to improve their morale. By having a mode of non-email communication, deskless workers are able to be reached in the most time-sensitive situations and acknowledged within the company.  

Easy to Create, Easy to Communicate

ScreenCloud's digital signage is swift in uploading and sharing information with the workforce. ScreenCloud makes use of Canvas Design Editor which provides screen-ready design tools and templates. With 140+ screen-ready templates, you won't waste time coming up with a new design. All you need to do is quickly edit your preferred template, add the media and text you like and upload. A new announcement can be made quickly and published in minutes. 

Revamp Your Internal Communications with ScreenCloud

The use of digital signage has proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate quickly, effectively, securely, and across your various locations. This is why 9,000+ businesses use ScreenCloud as their preferred digital signage provider.

ScreenCloud works with a wide range of customers in different industries including education, events, fitness, hospitality, retail, and more. 

To know if digital signage will work well for your business, start a free trial today. All you need to do is sign up with your email and get a 14-day free trial.

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