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    Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected Workforce
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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?What is ScreenCloud?HardwareAppsProduct UpdatesSecurityDashboards




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Case Studies

Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected WorkforceShow all case studiesScreenCloud arrow
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Transforming First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union: How ScreenCloud Unleashed the Power of Digital Signage

Seeking a modern solution to its communication challenges, First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union turned to ScreenCloud's digital signage. Deploying over 50 screens across multiple locations, their innovative approach transformed their organization's communication, offering a more informed workforce through tailored, localized messages and facilitating education initiatives via live-streamed content. Read more about how ScreenCloud's user-friendly platform not only resolved technical issues but also allowed easy content scheduling, categorization, and localization.

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First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, a growing financial institution with approximately 300 employees and ambitious plans for expansion, sought innovative ways to enhance internal communication and engagement.

With an exciting new chapter starting for First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, it wanted to move away from the legacy and outdated tools of the past. ScreenCloud’s innovative digital signage solutions were brought in to revolutionize internal communication and employee engagement. ScreenCloud provided the technology to make the expanded company more informed and productive.

The Communication Challenges Facing First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union was on a trajectory of rapid growth, with plans to merge with two smaller credit unions. Additionally, it recently added a new location in Phillipsburg. With this expansion, it recognized the need to refocus its brand and effectively communicate with employees to ensure everyone stayed informed and engaged.

Despite having an intranet, First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union faced challenges in getting employees to actively engage with internal communications. Traditional methods like emails and printed materials were often overlooked. It needed a solution to effectively deliver updates, promotions, and critical information to its employees.

The ScreenCloud Solution

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union turned to ScreenCloud, which offered a versatile digital signage platform powered by Samsung Hospitality's commercial-grade televisions and Tizen operating system. This platform allowed ScreenCloud to deploy over 50 screens across thirteen locations throughout. It strategically used these screens to provide live-streamed interviews, promotional demos, and location-specific data.

Key Benefits of Deploying ScreenCloud Solutions 

A More Informed Workforce

Digital signage solutions are transforming the way employees stay informed and engaged. Instead of bombarding them with multiple emails and extensive battle cards before promotions or important updates, ScreenCloud’s solutions are a more efficient approach. By utilizing intranet screens, employees can access information effortlessly and have constant reminders at their fingertips.

The screens are strategically timed, ensuring that critical messages reach them at the right moment. The constant presence serves as an invaluable resource, acting as a subtle yet effective nudge, reminding employees about important updates, events, or even closures. ScreenCloud's versatile capabilities are a game-changer, enhancing the flow of information and ensuring that employees stay well-informed, ultimately benefiting the business in numerous ways.

Localized Messaging

In the digital age, where every individual expects a level of personalization and relatability with content and messaging, generic memos are the equivalent of corporate dinosaurs: out of date. This is where ScreenCloud’s digital signage solutions stepped up and made a measurable difference to First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union’s workforce. It empowered First Commonwealth to craft and deliver tailored messages that were finely tuned to resonate with employees at a local level.

This shift towards localization was instantly impactful, as it enabled the company to enhance the effectiveness and reach of its internal communication efforts in several ways. This includes improving relevance and making the employees more connected to the company as a whole, no matter which location they were based. This wouldn’t have been possible without ScreenCloud’s advanced screens.

Accessibility and Education

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union was able to use the power of digital signage solutions to drive accessibility and education initiatives. Through live-streamed interviews the company successfully raised awareness and facilitated comprehensive education for employees and managers alike. First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union was able to provide financial awareness to its employees by sharing relevant financial information via content displayed on the ScreenCloud screens.

This dynamic approach of using the advanced screens on a daily basis made vital information readily available and also ensured that employees could easily access and engage with educational content, fostering a more empowered workforce. The use of screens has also enabled the executive team and the general workforce to have a much closer relationship, helping to bridge the gap and create a better workplace culture.

The transition to ScreenCloud brought immediate benefits:

  • It solved previous technical issues experienced with its old system.
  • It allowed for easy scheduling and categorization of content.
  • It also enabled First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union to localize content and target specific locations, improving the experience for members and employees. 

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union plans to further explore ScreenCloud's features once it finalizes its brand, refocusing and successfully navigating the ongoing mergers. It aims to expand its localization efforts, enhance its internal processes, and create limited but valuable content.


First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union's experience with ScreenCloud has been transformative. The platform has enabled it to engage employees effectively, localize messaging, and improve its internal processes. The user-friendly nature of ScreenCloud and its responsive support team has made it an essential tool for the credit union's continued growth and success. As First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union navigates its future endeavors, it remains committed to leveraging ScreenCloud's capabilities to enhance its member and employee experiences.


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