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GLS Canada x ScreenCloud: Keeping Deliveries on Track with Effective Driver-Facing Communications

GLS Canada Ltd. (GLS) aims for fast, reliable, and secure parcel delivery for their clients throughout the United States and Canada. To streamline their workplace, they needed a tool to help them communicate with their employees out on the field, not behind a computer.

A General Logistics Systems truck.

With just under 2,000 employees, GLS Canada Ltd. (GLS) ensures the fast, reliable, and secure delivery of parcel and freight throughout their clientele base across Canada and the United States. GLS prioritizes delivering their company-wide communications to better deliver client’s shipments; digital signage enabled GLS to better dispense company-wide messaging.

We talked with Stacey Yunger, Director of Marketing at GLS, about how important it was for digital signage to improve their internal communication.

About GLS

GLS Canada was founded in 1968 as Dicom and was acquired by GLS in 2018. GLS is now one of Canada's leading logistics services providers, with 53 locations across Canada. Communication is arguably one of the most significant challenges for any organization, and GLS Canada realized that to maintain effective service, a digital signage system was necessary.


With so much of the company’s workforce behind the wheel or working in a warehouse instead of sitting at a desk, it was clear that GLS needed a different accessible communication method to reach employees; able to be disseminated from the head office. Between monthly updates and announcements, special events, and changing protocols, it was crucial for everyone in the company to be on the same page.

“We needed a tool to use on our TVs to help communicate with all of our employees who don’t necessarily sit at a computer.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

The IT team at GLS was always looking for a solution to enhance communication across the numerous GLS locations. However, when the company was acquired in 2018, they realized a pressing need to increase the reach and impact of their communications.


The ultimate objective at GLS was to streamline company messaging and ensure all employees could access the same information simultaneously, regardless of location or department.

“Most of our employees, especially a warehouse employee, do not have a computer and not everybody necessarily has access to email.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

While Yunger knew that screens were vital to communicate with their staff, GLS did not have the tools to interlink these screens and deliver a synchronized message across multiple locations.

"Having so many employees spread far apart, our team is not necessarily in the loop of what's going on across the organization.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing


When the IT team found ScreenCloud’s digital signage solution, they were interested due to its customizable messaging, scheduling, and analytics capabilities, as well as being able to engage employees that GLS couldn’t before.

“A TV in the lunchroom was an easy way to communicate and it's a lot more visual, it's a lot more appealing.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

The digital signage platform from ScreenCloud provided the perfect solution for GLS Canada. By implementing digital signage technology, GLS Canada has successfully improved their communication processes and engaged employees with informative messages across multiple locations.

Key Benefits

Digital signage has helped GLS keep its staff informed and create a better employee experience. Overall, the ScreenCloud’s digital signage platform has enabled GLS to reach the desired objectives for the last three years. Yunger told us the following benefits ScreenCloud offers GLS.

Simple User Interface

Implementing the ScreenCloud system was not an overnight success. GLS needed to order compatible TVs for their digital signage, but once they arrived, ScreenCloud has been a successful and cost-effective investment for the company.

“It was pretty easy to use, and easy to teach myself how to use it.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

ScreenCloud has also made the job of the Marketing team easier, as they can now manage their screen network and content easily from one central location and amend messages in just a click; to make sure their employees are always up-to-date.

Improved engagement

GLS has significantly improved their employee experience by keeping employees well-informed with efficient communication. More of their employees are reading their messages than before due to the company meeting the employees where they’re at and due to employee interest.

“[My favorite thing about ScreenCloud is] that I can communicate with everyone.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

Increased Communications

Most importantly, digital signage streamlined communications within GLS. Digital signage provided GLS with an effective solution that allowed them to create, manage, and deploy multimedia content onto screens across their sites. GLS is able to expand past just text-based messaging by uploading PDFs and videos to catch their audience’s attention.

“Communication comes from anywhere within the company, anyone that has something to communicate with the field.”

Stacey Yunger

Director of Marketing

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