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Security at ScreenCloud

Securely display data on your screens

We understand that security is a fundamental requirement for today’s businesses - that’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our organization and product development.

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9,000+ organizations trust us as their digital signage provider

Enterprise-grade Security

Internal Security

Data encryption

Your Data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit.

Rigorous product design

Our projects pass through security design reviews, threat models and scheduled pen tests using trusted security vendors.

Company training

All employees are required to complete security and privacy training.

For more information download our Security at ScreenCloud OverviewScreenCloud Arrow

Compliance Certifications

ScreenCloud’s confidentiality and security framework is based on, and aligned with, the AICPA SOC2 and ISO 27000 series. We have recently completed our SOC2 and SOC3 Type II assessment. Our SOC3 report is publicly available for download here while our SOC2 report is available to review by request.

To request our SOC2 report:

ScreenCloud Enterprise Guide

Product Security


Manage access to your account

Integrates with major Single Sign-On providers.

Multi-factor authentication

You can enable multi-factor authentication on your account (this requires a supporting policy from your identity provider).

Role-based access and user permissions

Permit access and limit resource management to user roles and groups defined by you.

Enterprise-grade Security

ScreenCloud's commitment to data privacy

As a data processor, adhering to applicable regulation is only one component of our commitment to privacy.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy honors your rights.

Data Processing Agreement

Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) reflects the requirements of the GDPR.

Privacy by Design

Your data is yours to own. ScreenCloud does not sell our customers' user data.

Data Protection Officer

ScreenCloud has appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee our ongoing compliance efforts.

Our Security and Compliance team

If you have any questions or further queries please contact our security team here.

If you have any questions or further queries please contact our security team here.

“Security is everyone’s responsibility. Across our people, processes and product, security is embedded at every level. You could say it’s part of the ScreenCloud culture.

This is why we’ll continue to invest (and update this page on exactly how we’re investing) to ensure security of data and the service we provide to our customers”

ScreenCloud Quote Author

Mark McDermott

CEO, ScreenCloud