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ScreenCloud Engage

Now your employees can share content too

Engage app allows employees to share moments to your digital signage channels and screens. Increasing engagement and excitement throughout the organization.

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Snap, share and caption content

Engage is a user-friendly app that lets employees upload photos from anywhere, add captions and send them to your screen streams in just a few clicks.

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ScreenCloud Features

Keep your workplace connected

Share content from all corners of your organization, reduce silos and keep more teams connected.

ScreenCloud Features
ScreenCloud Features

Diversify content displays

Forget top-down content control. Share a mix of organization-led and employee-curated content to your screens.

ScreenCloud Features
ScreenCloud Features

Reduce your content load

Employee images and captions help you fill up your screen schedules, with rich, user-generated content.

ScreenCloud Features

The easiest way to curate employee stories worth sharing

Easy-to-use story upload format

Auto-refresh of photos every 60 seconds

Curate unlimited screen streams

Invite any team member to upload content

Add to multiple screens, channels or playlists

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