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Need an easy solution to turn your GeckoBoard dashboards into rich digital signage displays? The GeckoBoard app lets you automatically send updated and live data to the screens around you, so your team can make more informed decisions. Create screen-ready dashboards in just a few clicks and share them as part of your scheduled content channels.

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About this app

Open Key Metrics to Everyone

Your business has mountains of data, but how do you feed that information to a wider group to act on day to day? Digital signage in the workplace is the ideal way to ambiently spread insight, allowing everyone to act on it.

Beautiful Dashboards on Screen

Geckoboard is specifically designed to showcase complex information in attractive, digestible formats. Their dashboards look fantastic on screen with no extra work required.

Live Updates

Stale data is no use to anyone! Your digital signage Geckoboard displays will update as frequently as they do inside Geckoboard itself, meaning no-one is left behind.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • How often does the Geckoboard app look for new information?

  • Can I use my Geckoboard app in portrait mode?

  • What does Geckoboard cost?

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