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Gallery for Instagram Business

Use the Instagram Business App to easily showcase the latest images and posts on your digital screens. Boost engagement with customers and teams by showing photos and posts from company events, social gatherings, and more, directly from your Instagram business page.

Included in all plans

About this app

Display live photos from your Instagram business profile

Display your entire business feed using our Instagram for Business profile

Gain more awareness of your social channels

Increase your follower count using your screens.

Images update automatically

Any new posts sent to your Instagram account are automatically displayed on screen.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • Why does my hashtag search or pulling in posts from my (@youraccount) Instagram only show a couple of photos?

  • How long is each post shown for?

  • How many images can be imported when using the hashtag search feature?

  • What happens when the end of the feed is reached?

  • Why do I have to log in through Facebook before my results can be shown?

  • Can I log into multiple Instagram Business accounts to display on the screen?

  • Can I change the duration of how long an Instagram post stays on screen at a time?

  • Can I remove/cancel the permissions between ScreenCloud and Facebook for this Instagram Business app?

  • I don’t have an Instagram Business page and am trying to convert my account. I’m having trouble connecting with ScreenCloud after converting my account, how can I fix this?

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