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RSS Feed

With our RSS Feed app, you can show the latest updates, news and information from any RSS feed; be it from the New York Times, NASA, or even your own blog or website content. Add your RSS feed by URL, choose your feed settings and your screens will show the newest content.

Included in all plans

About this app

Connects to any RSS feed

The world is your oyster, display any RSS feed you have access to on your screens.

Control how your content is displayed

Choose between multiple app designs, with or without images and the duration of each article.

Automatically updates with new content

Any new content sent by the RSS feed is automatically added to the content list.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • Does the RSS app support posts which contain video and audio files?

  • Can I make the RSS feed display just images only?

  • What is the maximum number of posts the RSS feed can pull in?

  • I can’t find the RSS feed for the blog or site I want to show

  • Can I use the RSS feed as part of a zoned digital signage display?

  • How long is the RSS app shown for?

  • Does RSS Feed work offline?

  • My RSS feed title and/or content become truncated in the middle of a word, how can I fix this?

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