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Microsoft Teams

Not all employees have access to Microsoft Teams meaning a large proportion of your workforce are missing out on important information. With our Microsoft Teams app, and the ScreenCloud Post To Screens extension in your Microsoft Teams account, you are now able publish the messages you send in Microsoft Teams directly onto the screens in seconds. Ensuring all important messages are seen by workers right when they need it, with zero effort and with zero design team needed.

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About this app

Instant publishing for the content that really matters

With our new Microsoft Teams app, we take the communication tool you are familiar with and turn it into an automated content creation tool. You can simply take a snapshot, type a message, click send, and the announcement is designed and sent directly to your screens. This can be done from the Microsoft Teams mobile app, allowing users to post announcements no matter where they are.

Publish content to your screens from MS Teams

Save time creating good looking content, with MS Teams app no design skills are needed. With our pre-defined template library, you can let your screens take care of the designs and always ensure your content looks great. Depending on the content within your post, the app will work out how this should be displayed on screen.

Connect, Collaborate & Communicate

To post a message it’s as simple as; creating a channel, granting access to those who need it, and that’s it! Those with a Microsoft Teams account can create content for your screens without the need of any design or tech input.


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