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Slack is the communication platform for entire companies, bringing together messaging, file sharing, alerting and all sorts of other comms. The ScreenCloud app lets you pick channels you want to amplify and show them on-screen easily.

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Pick Your Goals

You can share messages from an existing channel, or set up new ones solely for your signage. Slack's versatility works for you, where screens could build team morale with your joke channels, re-enforce important announcements from official channels, or stream out notifications from Slack bots.

Moderate With Pinned Messages

Nervous of sharing everything in a channel? No problem, use the "Message Filter" setting to only share the pinned items in a given channel. Now Slack itself becomes your content moderation tool.

Media Looks Superb

No doubt your Slack rooms aren't simply walls of text. Post images and videos and the ScreenCloud Slack app will pull them up on screen as well for a stunning display.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • Can I add more than one Slack room to my display?

  • How often will the Slack app update?

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