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Google Slide

Google Slides makes it easy to build presentations online. Publish your slides then copy the url into Studio. The slide duration is then automatically calculated based on the app duration. Making it easier than ever to share important information to your screens using a simple Google Slides format.

Included in all plans

About this app

Share public presentations to your screens

Create your content within Google Slides and display on screens

Changes automatically update

Any content changes that are made in Google Slides are automatically reflected on screens

Automatically set slide duration

Each slide duration is calculated automatically in relation to the apps allocated time on screen


  • How do I set up the app?

  • My presentation won’t show, how can I fix this?

  • Can I use a Google Slides presentation as part of a zoned digital signage display?

  • I'm not able to see slide transitions or effects, how can I fix this?

  • Are slides that are set to "Skip" or "Hidden" affect playback?

  • How long will the presentation play for?

  • Can I skip a slide from the presentation?

  • How often does the app refresh?

  • The slides aren't filling up the entire screen (black border above/below slides). Any ideas why?

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