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Use the App from ScreenCloud to display a digital signage social media wall from sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. With the ability to customize, style and brand your wall, you can now embed a virtual social wall of events, updates and posts to the screens in your store, office or external-facing screens. Please note: is a paid-for third party app integration; to use it with ScreenCloud, you must first create an account at 

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About this app

Build Your Social Wall

Combine feeds from across your social media platforms into a single, uniform view. Supports over a dozen providers, including Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube,

Beautiful Right Out of the Box

With a wide range of layout types, design choices and effects, you can easily customize your social wall to fit your brand's style.

Engage Your Audience

Use screens to showcase what's happening in your online world to encourage more of your physical audience to interact and follow your online presences too.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • What are the best practices and tips for how to create or use social walls?

  • Is there any pricing information for using

  • Is there a limit on the number of graphics I can create with the app?

  • Does the App work in landscape and portrait mode?

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