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Microsoft Excel

Keep everyone on top of your data, trends and insights by sharing important Excel spreadsheets to your digital signage screens. This app makes it easy to share any Excel sheet, within a set cell range, specific tab, or section, and present it on your digital screens.

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About this app

Tools You Already Know

Spreadsheets are everywhere in your company. The team is already comfortable with using and updating them, so why not share metrics and data directly from those sheets to your screens?

Easy to Setup

Log in to your Microsoft account and select the relevant sheet. Then just narrow down the sheet to use and cell range, then you're done. Those values will appear on screen with no extra effort.

Automatic Updates

ScreenCloud automatically checks periodically for changes to the sheet, meaning your data is kept up to date on screen without any extra work on your side.


  • How do I set up the app?

  • How often will the app pull in updates from the spreadsheet?

  • How many results does it fetch (e.g. maximum number of content/posts)?

  • Can the app support charts, graphs, or any advanced formatting (e.g. colored cells)?

  • How are the results ordered?

  • Can I select multiple sheet tabs to display and cycle through the app?

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