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Zoom Rooms

Make your meeting room experience better using Zoom Rooms and ScreenCloud. Now you can easily share content on your meeting room screens, any time you’re not using them for video calls. By adding ScreenCloud’s digital signage content management system to your Zoom Rooms account, you can preset content that will play between meetings. Forget blank meeting room screens, or complicated cable systems to switch between regular content and video calls. With ScreenCloud and Zoom Rooms, your content automatically plays any time your screen isn’t being used for a meeting.

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About this app

No More Blank Screens

With Zoom Rooms already set up in your meeting rooms, the time outside of meetings feels drab and dreary. Using Zoom Rooms to connect to your ScreenCloud account enables you to easily make use of the downtime to liven up the space and push out useful messaging.

Amplify Your Message

With the ScreenCloud App Store at your fingertips, you can easily connect systems your team already use like Slack, Yammer and Google/Outlook Calendars to emphasise and re-share key messages with ease.

Automatic Switching from Zoom to Signage

Sharing to screen during a Zoom meeting remains as easy as ever. Zoom Rooms automatically flips to the right content quickly. You get the bonus of a cloud communications app, without losing any convenience.


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