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Our growing list of apps help you repurpose content from where it lives, and easily add live feeds to your screens in just a few clicks. 

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Custom Content Creation


Now you can design on-brand screen content like posters, signs and notices from inside ScreenCloud using the Canvas graphic design app.

Live Feeds


A simple and clean digital clock that displays the current time, date and day of the week.

Content & Files

Dropbox Gallery

Integrate Dropbox and your digital signage screens so you can share existing and new images added to your folders easily.

Social Displays

Facebook Reviews

Easily share Facebook Reviews from customers to your digital screens in store, to provide social proof to customers and visitors.

Internal Communication


Easily share employee praise and recognition from Bonusly to your digital screens using the ScreenCloud Bonusly app.

External Communication

Building Directory

Create a directory of the floors in your building and easily add it to your digital signage displays.

Business Intelligence

GeckoBoard App

With the GeckoBoard app from ScreenCloud you can easily share dashboards and metrics to your digital signage screens.

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