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Publish content to your screens directly from Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft ScreenCloud partnership

Engage all your workforce with Microsoft Teams

We know that not all of your employees are sat behind a desk using Microsoft Teams. ScreenClouds new Microsoft Teams integration will make sure all your employees get the message and stay connected.

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Imagine if your Leadership Team could give instant recognition to all of your deskless workforce in one simple message.

One simple message can go a long way. 
Empower key people to send the messages that 
show that you care.

ScreenCloud Webinar HR

Make sure your entire workforce are seeing and getting access 
to information they need.

Guide employees to important documents, videos and surveys shared in Microsoft Teams via QR codes on screen

ScreenCloud Webinar HR

Stop relying on your design team to create clear and compelling content for screens

Any message shared in Microsoft Teams will be automatically displayed in a way thats perfect for the screen.

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Engage deskless workers with Microsoft Teams

Publish content to your screens from Microsoft Teams

Not all employees have access to Microsoft Teams meaning a large proportion of your workforce are missing out on important information. With our Microsoft Teams app you are now able publish the messages you send in Microsoft Teams directly onto the screens in seconds. Ensuring all important messages are seen by workers right when they need it, with zero effort and with zero design team needed.

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Reach deskless workers with Microsoft Teams

Instant publishing for the content that really matters

With our new Microsoft Teams app, we take the communication tool 
you are familiar with and turn it into an automated content creation tool.

You can simply take a snapshot, type a message, click send, and the announcement is designed and sent directly to your screens. This can be done from the Microsoft Teams mobile app, allowing users to post announcements no matter where they are.

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“It’s going to save me so much time. Posting a message on screens is actually quite time consuming. Publishing content directly from Microsoft Teams will totally transform that and allow me to communicate messages as they happen, in almost real-time. It will also make sure the content is always fresh”

Chloe Marris

Human Resources Advisor

ScreenCloud Features

Automated design for your screens

Save time creating good looking content, with Microsoft Teams app no design skills are needed.

With our pre-defined template library, you can let your screens take care of the designs and always ensure your content looks great. Depending on the content within your post, the app will work out how this should be displayed on screen.

ScreenCloud Features
ScreenCloud Features

Connect, Collaborate & Communicate

To post a message it’s as simple as; creating a channel, granting access to those who need it, and that’s it! Those with a Microsoft Teams account can create content for your screens without the need of any design or tech input.

ScreenCloud Features

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