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Digital Signage in Franchises

Deliver Consistent Marketing Materials to Your Franchise Owners

Keeping control of the rollout of marketing assets in a franchise restaurant, gym or coffee shop model isn’t easy. How do you communicate with chain owners, deliver regular marketing materials and ensure that outward-facing customer comms are always on-brand? 

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Franchise Digital Signage Apps
Franchise Digital Signage Apps
ScreenCloud for Franchises Example

ScreenCloud is a digital signage platform for franchise owners and managers that want to create scalable, eye-catching digital signage displays, like menu boards or employee notices

Consistent messaging

Manage centrally with instant access for franchise partners.

Better customer experience

QSR ordering is faster with menu visualization.

Increase sales

Promote top products, or short date life items to push more sales.

Upsell items

Show off services and products, drive sign-ups and sales.

Improve communication

Deploy employee training and notices in your back office easily.

Engage customers

Spread the word with branded social media displays, images and videos.

Why ScreenCloud for Franchise Digital Signage?

ScreenCloud Fast Setup

Easy setup for franchise models

ScreenCloud has a flexible Users & Teams structure that allows for central asset control, with local input possible for franchise owners or specific territories.

ScreenCloud Great Support

Serious about support

We offer unlimited support to all users, meaning your franchise managers can reach out any time they need. With free resources on digital signage manager training and deployment.

Customizable apps help you stay on-brand

With our 80+ free apps to choose from, you can easily create content for your QSR, gym, coffee shop or franchise chain. Connect social media, add simple notices and deploy digital menu boards, with the ability to rollout custom brand themes.

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Franchise owners leading with powerful digital signage displays

I’ve been using ScreenCloud for four months now and it’s been amazing! I can put announcements and events up on the board at any time day or night. I create custom graphics using our company’s branding software and can also include promotional videos from Burn Boot Camp headquarters.

Burn Bootcamp Logo

Stephanie Drew

Franchise Partner, Burn Boot Camp Gym

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Burn Bootcamp Case Study
Digital Signage for Hospitality Guide

Digital signage in hospitality

Download our free guide to setting up digital signage menu boards, notices and sales promotions, to improve how you generate sales via your digital screens.

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Trusted for signage by 9,000+ leading businesses

Keller Williams
The Halal Guys
Burn Boot Camp
Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

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