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Welcome to ScreenCloud Training

The place to get everyone up to speed with our software. From walk-throughs to how-to videos and online courses, we've got you covered.

ScreenCloud Initial Training

ScreenCloud Tutorial

Getting started with a brand new platform can sometimes feel overwhelming. That's why we've put together this product tutorial to help you get your head around the ScreenCloud platform.

In this video, we'll walk you through ScreenCloud's key features:

  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkHow to pair and set content to your screens
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkHow to upload your media files
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkHow to create your first Playlist and Channel
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkHow to invite your colleagues
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Find the Perfect Digital Signage Device for You

We make playing content on your screens simple, but with so many options for media devices it can sometimes be hard finding the right one. In this video series we review the best options for hardware devices for digital signage.

Lesson 1

Account Set-up

In this lesson, you'll learn how to set up and manage your ScreenCloud account to help prepare yourself for success from the get-go.

Your Account Setting is your management hub. Here, you'll find your account's general information as well as your team's permissions and logs.

Your screens are a big part of the branding experience you offer. Here's how you can add your brand identity to your account.

Teamwork makes the dream work until someone messes with your playlist. In this video, you'll learn how to build a granular permission system for your team.

Space-based billing makes it easy to allocate costs to different groups in your company, such as teams, departments, and locations. Find out how to set it up.

Lesson 2

Content Management

In this lesson, you'll learn how to organize and manage your digital signage content to build an effective communication channel for your organization.

Channels are the cornerstone of your digital signage strategy. Here's an overview of their main functionalities, including a step-by-step walkthrough to bring them to life.

Want to share a website or a key landing page with your team? This video will show you how to add and display links on your screens.

Scheduling is one of our most powerful features. With it, you can make sure your content appears at exactly when you want it to. Here’s how.

Testing is a crucial step before displaying your content to the whole world. Whether you have a TV screen around or not, here's how you can test and preview your screen.

ScreenCloud Initial Training

ScreenCloud University

Want to be the go-to person for managing your company's digital signage network? Then ScreenCloud University's brand new online course is perfect for you. Join 500+ professionals and take your digital signage to the next level - in this course, you'll learn how to:

  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkManage your network of screens
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkBuild your teams and assign roles
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkOrganize your content repository
  • ScreenCloud CheckmarkSchedule and plan your content strategy
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ScreenCloud University

Useful Guides

Articles and ideas for sprucing up your communication strategy

Using Digital Signage Channels for Your Audience

Combining Channels with Playlist and User Permissions features is a great way to give everyone on your team a voice. Here are some ideas to make the most of Channels on ScreenCloud Studio.

The ins and outs of 'Channels'

How to Easily Custom-Brand your Digital Signage Content

A comprehensive checklist for creating and customizing themes that meet your brand's specific needs and requirements.

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How to Create Secure Digital Signage Dashboards

You can now securely display your dashboards and internal links from tools like Microsoft Power BI, Grafana, and SignalFX without having to make public URLs or sharing your login details.

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