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ScreenCloud World Clock App Guide

A guide to showing world clock displays throughout your office, store, or coffee bar.

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Please note, if you’re using the older version of ScreenCloud (, you can download the alternative World Clock app guide here.

ScreenCloud’s World Clock app allows you to share up to six clocks showing local time in specific cities within your digital signage display. This keeps the pulse of different areas alive within your office, store, or restaurant, helping everyone stay on top of various time zones at a glance.

The ability to add multiple World Clock app instances also means you can customize time zones for separate digital screens, especially if you have offices operating across the world. For instance, in your US office, you may show the current time for London, Bangkok, and LA, while in your UK office, you may show the current time for Bangkok, New York, and LA.

With the ScreenCloud World Clock app you can:

  • Choose between an analog, or a digital 12-hour, or 24-hour clock
  • Select a custom theme
  • Find any city time zone in the world

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install the ScreenCloud World Clock app

1.1. To get started, log into your ScreenCloud account and find our App Store.

screencloud app store

1.2. Type world clock into the search box to find the World Clock app. Hit Install App to create a new instance.

screencloud world clock app

2. Choose your clock settings

After you’ve installed the World Clock app, you’ll see a settings panel for creating and modifying an instance of the app. Go ahead and edit the Instance Name option (for example, World Clock - UK Office). This will help you spot it later if you decide to create multiple app instances for different displays.

screencloud world clock app settings

In the Clock type dropdown, you can choose between an analog, a digital am/pm, or a 24-hour clock. You also have the opportunity to add up to six locations by typing in the city name for each Location option. If you know that there is more than one area with the same name, enter the city followed by a comma and the country or state. For example, entering Cambridge, UK will tell the app that you want to see the time for the city of Cambridge in the UK, rather than Cambridge, Massachusetts.

3. Preview your results

Once you’ve added your cities, click Preview to make sure everything looks correct before you add a new instance of the World Clock app to a Playlist or Channel. 

Please note: If you select 1-3 cities, these will show in a single line, while 4-6 cities will show across two lines. If you’d rather fill the lines completely, you may want to show three or six different time zones at once.

world clock app preview 24 hour clock

Preview of the Digital 24 hour clock type

world clock app preview am/pm

Preview of the Digital am/pm clock type

world clock app preview analog

Preview of the Analog clock type

4. Add the World Clock app to a Channel

Once you’re happy with your settings, you can add the World Clock app to one of your Channels in order to play it. Check out the quick guide below.

add world clock app to a channel

5. Create a custom theme for your World Clock app

In your Account Settings, you can create a branded theme for the World Clock app. Custom themes can be added at a Channel-level. Find out more on how to create custom themes with ScreenCloud here.

screencloud custom theme

Frequently asked questions:

The app can’t find my city - what should I do? 

Make sure you have spelled the city correctly. You could also add the city name followed by a comma and the state or country, for example, Paris, France, to make it easier for the app to pick up the right location. If the app is still unable to find the city of your choice, please contact  

Can I use the World Clock app as part of a zoned digital signage display?

Yes, when setting up a zoned display you’ll see the option to Add Content. Any World Clock app instances you’ve saved can be found in this list.

How are the clocks ordered?

The clocks are shown from left to right in the order they are entered when you add your locations to the app. To change the order in which they show, simply change the order in which you select the cities in Locations 1-6 in the app settings panel. 

How long is the World Clock app shown for?

The World Clock app is a static display, therefore it is shown for the time duration that you set within your playlist. This can be edited any time by changing the time duration next to the World Clock app instance in Channels. 

How often is the World Clock app updated?

The timing of the World Clock app updates in real time to be completely accurate.

Does the World Clock app work offline?

The cache of the World Clock timezone data is one day.

For further questions please contact with details. 

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