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ScreenCloud Vimeo App Guide

The easiest way to play videos from Vimeo on your digital screens.

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Please note, if you are using the older version of ScreenCloud ( you can download the alternative Vimeo guide here.

The ScreenCloud Vimeo app makes it easy to stream videos from Vimeo to your digital screens. Select videos by channel, user, album, or page and easily add them to your playlists and schedules with ScreenCloud. This allows you to play rich video content that your audience can watch while eating, drinking, waiting, or working in your office, bar, restaurant, or school.

With the ScreenCloud Vimeo app you can:

  • Play a video that's published publicly on Vimeo
  • Add a Vimeo video, album, channel, or user page.
  • Choose the duration of playback for your videos

Here's how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Vimeo app

1.1. Get started by logging into your ScreenCloud account here and choosing the ScreenCloud App Store from the left-hand menu.

App Store Screenshot 5.13.2020.jpeg

1.2. By searching “Vimeo” you can find the Vimeo app and choose the “Install app” button to add a new instance.

Vimeo App Guide - App Store 5.14.2020.png

2. Copy your Vimeo URL

2.1. Next, you will need to find the URL from the Vimeo channel, album, group, user page, or individual video that you wish to share.

ScreenCloud Vimeo App Guide - New App 6.09.2021.jpg

2.2. To share an individual video, click on the share icon and copy the link that is shown:

2.3. If you want to share a channel or album, simply open the channel or album and use the same “Share” link to obtain the URL.

2.4. Paste this link into the “Videos to play (Vimeo URL)” box.

ScreenCloud Vimeo App Guide - Set up App 6.09.2021.jpg

3. Choose your video settings

Once you have your Vimeo link you can choose your settings.

i) Maximum duration: if you would rather the videos only play for a certain duration, you can also add a maximum video duration that the app will play for.

ii) Shuffle play or mute: then select whether to shuffle play videos within a channel or group and whether to mute videos or play them with sound.

4. Preview your Vimeo app

Once you’ve added your Vimeo app you have the opportunity to preview it before it gets added to your screens.

Vimeo App Guide - Preview 5.14.2020.png

Click ‘Preview’ and a popup will display your Vimeo app.

5. Add Vimeo app to a Channel or Playlist

Once you have configured your Vimeo app it can be easily added to a Channel or Playlist to be played on screen. 

Vimeo App Guide - Media Picker 5.14.2020.png

Simply select “Add Content” to open the Media Picker and under Apps, you will see all of your app instances, ready to be installed. You can also view ways you can set content on your digital screens using ScreenCloud by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Vimeo app offline?

No, the Vimeo app needs an internet connection to allow it to live to stream the videos from Vimeo.

Can I use Vimeo in landscape or portrait mode?

Yes, the Vimeo app supports both landscape and portrait modes.

My video is not playing on a loop, how can I fix this?

Please note, in order to get your video to loop while using it for digital signage - please add the code &loop=1 at the end of your URL. For example, the URL would read "", which will make this loop when being used by itself or in a playlist.

For further questions, please contact with details.   

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