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ScreenCloud Google Sheets App Guide

The easiest way to share and create spreadsheets for your digital screen.

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Please note, if you're using the older version of ScreenCloud ( you can download the alternative Google Sheets app guide here.

The ScreenCloud Google Sheets app makes it easy to display spreadsheets to your digital signage screens. Create a spreadsheet, publish it to the web, then add the URL to the ScreenCloud Google Sheets app. This allows you to share and review spreadsheets from your TV monitor.

With the ScreenCloud Google Sheets app you can:

  • Publish any Google Sheets spreadsheet to your screen
  • Choose which cells to show
  • Make live updates, which filter through automatically to your screen

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Google Sheets app

1.1. To get started, log into your ScreenCloud account. Then head over to our App Store via the left-hand menu.

screencloud app store

1.2. Type sheets into the search box to find the Google Sheets app. Click Install App to create a new instance.

screencloud google sheets app

2. Publish and embed your spreadsheet

Create your spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Once you’re happy with it, publish the file to make it live by following these steps:

  • Open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  • At the top, click File and then Publish to the web
  • Head over to the tab called Embed.
  • Select the tab that you wish to show using the dropdown (in the example below, we chose Entire Document).
  • Copy the embed code—you'll need it to make your spreadsheet viewable from your ScreenCloud account.
google sheets setting

Next, paste the embed code to the Embed code field in the Google Sheets app settings panel.

screencloud google sheets app settings

3. Choose your Google Sheets app settings

Now you’ve added your embed code, you can choose the rest of your settings to determine how your spreadsheet is displayed. 

  • Instance Name: Give the app instance a name to make it easy to spot it later (we called it Knowledge Base in the example here).
  • Cell range: Choose which cells to show on your digital screen. Please note, you need to provide the cell from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner of the cells you wish to show.
  • Toggle titlebar: Turn your titlebar on or off.
  • Sheet title: Create a custom heading for your spreadsheet.
  • Zoom factor: Choose how far to zoom in onto your content. 

4. Preview your results

Once you’re happy with your Google Sheets app settings, don’t forget to hit Preview to see how your spreadsheet will look on a screen.

google sheets app preview

5. Add the Google Sheets app to a Channel

Adding the Google Sheets app to one of your existing Channels is easy and simple. Just follow the quick tutorial below!

add google sheets app to a channel

Frequently asked questions:

Why isn’t my spreadsheet showing?

Make sure that your spreadsheet is published to the web. If it hasn't been published, it won't show in your playlist. Please note, creating an ‘anyone can view’ file isn't the same as publishing the file to the web. 

You can check if the file is published to the web by turning off any of the sharing settings in Google Sheets (ensuring it's still published to the web) and opening it in a browser where you aren't logged in to your Google account.

How long will the sheet play for?

Each sheet will play for the amount of time you’ve set within the playlist or Channel. 

How often does the app refresh? 

The app will check for updates every five minutes. 

For further questions, please contact

 SC Gradient

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