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Digital Menu Board App Guide for ScreenCloud

Need a great digital menu for your place that you can create and launch with no design experience needed? No problem….

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Please note, if you are using the older version of ScreenCloud ( you can download the alternative Digital Menu Board guide here.

So many restaurants, cafés, and bars want to use digital menus over paper ones but historically it’s been way too difficult. To really own the digital menu space, you need an app or tool that allows you to create, edit, and manage digital menus easily and put them on your TV screen.

Enter the Digital Menu Board app from ScreenCloud. The Digital Menu Board app allows you to add all of your items and use categories to make everything crystal clear for your customers. We have a comprehensive control panel that allows you to create menu items with prices, descriptions, and calorie information.

Want to know the best bit? Digital Menu Board app has an intelligent layout system, so no matter how many menu items or categories you add, your menu will always look great on your TV screens.

Lastly, there’s a ScreenCloud player for almost any TV screen or device. So you can create digital menu boards and launch them on your smart TV, your non-smart TV, an iPad, laptop, or plain TV monitor as easy as can be.

Digital Menu Board app has the following features:

Easily order your items

Type in as many items and categories as you like and reposition them with drag and drop.

Get a great layout without having to do a thing

Digital Menu Board app uses our intelligent layout system, so it doesn’t matter how many menu items or categories you add, it will always find the best way to layout the information.

Custom look and feel - no design skills needed

We’ve created two themes for your digital menu board, or you can use our Custom Theme editor to add your own brand colors, fonts, and background image.

Easy setup

With our control panel, you can type in your menu items and create a digital menu board in seconds. This means faster creation and more digital menus for your customers.

Useful features to customize your display

Switch calories on or off and choose from a range of currencies (£, $ and €).

How to set up a digital menu board app

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Digital Menu Board app

1.1. Get started by logging into your ScreenCloud account here and choosing the ScreenCloud App Store from the left-hand menu.

App Store Screenshot 5.13.2020.jpeg

1.2. By searching “Digital Menu Board” you can find the Digital Menu Board app and choose the “Install app” button to add a new instance.

Digital MenuBoard App Guide - App Store 5.13.2020.png

2. Select "Install App" to start building your menu board

2.1. Once you select the 'Install App button', you'll be greeted with your Digital Menu board editing tool. If it's your first time using the app, you'll be given a brief tutorial of the options and customization available with the editing tool. Select "Get Started" once you're done following the tutorial.

2.2. Here, you can easily add items, give them descriptions, mark them as sold out, upload images, and add calorie and pricing information.

Please Note: The maximum filesize for images is 10MB - this applies to item images, logos, and background images. File names with special characters are also not supported to upload, for example: !@£$%^&*(),.<>?/`~|}{=. Additionally, be cautious of spaces being used in the file-type name as this can affect the logo from uploading properly or being displayed with ScreenCloud.

If you're using a file with special characters, a warning message will appear in the configuration panel.

3. Organize your menu items

3.1. Enter your menu items and move their position until you are happy with the format of your digital menu board.

3.2. If you want to break your menu items down into categories (ex. pizza, pasta, salad), simply select “Add Category”.

This will open a new category where you can add other menu items.

4. Customize your digital menu board settings

Once your items are added to your digital menu board, select “Customize” from the top bar to open the General Options panel.

Digital Menuboard App Guide - Customize settings 5.13.2020.png

Here, you can edit settings such as:

  • The time spent on each page. For example, if you have three categories (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you select the time as 10 seconds, each page will show for 10 seconds before moving onto the next one.
  • A text-only or image-based display.
  • The currency rate and whether you want to show the currency sign or not.
  • The option to show or hide prices.
  • How you use “featured” items - whether these should be displayed at the top. Hint: you can make an item a “featured” item by ticking the “Featured” column next to your menu item.
  • Control over your font-sizing; choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large.

5. Edit the digital menu board design

Within the General Options panel, you will see the Appearance editor.

Here, you can select a light theme:

A dark theme:

You can also create your own theme by selecting “Custom Theme”. This will open the editing panel where you can add your text color, accent color, and background color.

You can also add a background image. If you do decide to add a background image please make sure text can still be read while on top of it and that your logo has a transparent background.

6. Save and preview your Digital Menu Board app

6.1. Once you are happy with your digital menu board settings, you can select the "Preview" button to view how it'll display on your digital screens. You can review your menu board then select the yellow "Save" button to finalize your changes. Once the menu is successfully saved, you'll be re-directed back to your installed app instances where you should see the menu board you've created now available in your ScreenCloud account.

Digital Menu Board App guide - App instance 5.13.2020.png

6.2. You can access and edit your installed instances at any time by clicking on them in order to make changes to your menu.

7. Add your Digital Menu Board app to a channel or playlist

Once you have configured your Digital Menu Board app it can be easily added to a Channel or Playlist to be played on screen. 

Digital MenuBoard App Guide - Media Picker 5.13.2020.png

Simply select “Add Content” to open the Media Picker and under Apps, you will see all of your app instances, ready to be installed. You can also view ways you can set content on your digital screens using ScreenCloud by clicking here.

3 Cool Hacks for Digital Menu Board App

Don’t you love it when you get 3 for the price of 1? As well as being a really cool way to display digital menu boards, new features like the ability to change fonts and hide prices mean you get other alter egos of digital menu board app that allow you to make lists or even create a “Meet the Team” page. Sound good? Let us show you how.

1. Show products

Just because the app says Digital Menu Board, doesn’t mean you can’t use it to display products that aren’t strictly food-related. For example, if you’re in real estate you may want to use the app to list all of the properties you have available in a specific area. This is easy to create; instead of uploading menu items you simply add houses.

Product app to show real estate

Everything is customizable in the digital menu board editor so by changing the title, description and products, you almost get a completely different app.

product categories for real estate

This could be used to create product catalogs for groceries, company services, stock levels, and anything else you like.

2. Make lists

One of the handy features our apps team added was the ability to remove pricing. To remove pricing, click “Customize” in the menu board app editor and you’ll see the ability to switch pricing on or off.

switch pricing off

Without pricing, the app then becomes a simple way to build lists and display them on screen. For example, here’s a list for a supermarket which wants to show its staff the top-selling products of the month:

product list using digital menu board

You could use the same format to build a list of top sales members, things to remember, house rules and so much more! You can choose to add images or create text-only lists, and you can also create your own custom theme. To create a custom theme, check out our guide on how to use the App Theme Editor.

3. Create meet the team pages

The hack that lets you create a “Meet the Team” page from the Digital Menu Board app actually originated in the ScreenCloud office. Whilst playing around with removing pricing and adding images, we realized that you could easily display who’s in your office or team:

menu board for team members

So long as you have some nice images of your team, you can easily add their names, job titles, and headshots and share this across your digital signage screens. The more team members you have, the smaller the profiles get but you can also set up multiple pages that will show off different departments of your team in one single playlist.

Each profile can also be repositioned with the drag and drop capability so if you need to move team members around you can. If a team member moves teams or leaves the company, you can simply hit “delete” and the board will reformat to account for the difference.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I edit my digital menu board once created?

Yes, simply find your digital menu board within the Content Library and hover over it to see the “Edit this app” message. Select this, followed by “Configure” to open the menu editing panel. Once you have made your changes select “Save Changes” and then “Update app” to update your digital menu content.

Can I create more than one set of menus?

Yes, you can add as many different digital menu board “Apps” to your Content Library as you like. To create another menu, go to the ScreenCloud App Store, find the Menu app, and click on “Add This App” again.

Why am I having trouble uploading my images?

The maximum filesize for images is 10MB - this applies to item images, logos, and background images. We also recommend uploading an image of at least 100px. If you are experiencing an issue here, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

For further questions, please contact with details.

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