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ScreenCloud Date App Guide

The cleanest way to share the date to your digital signage.

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Please note, if you’re using the older version of ScreenCloud (, you can download the alternative Date app guide here.

Do you need a simple yet seriously effective way of sharing the date to your digital signage screens? Check out ScreenCloud’s Date app. It’s the easiest way to show a day and its position within a given month in a slick, pre-designed format.

With the ScreenCloud Date app you can:

  • Share the correct date to your digital signage screens
  • Custom-brand the app to your brand colors or style
  • Use portrait or landscape format

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Date app

1.1. To begin, sign in your current ScreenCloud account and access our App Store from the left-hand menu.

screencloud app store

1.2. Find the Date app by typing date into the search box. Select the app and click Install App to create a new instance.

screencloud date app

2. Choose your settings

Once you’ve installed the app, a settings panel will appear. Here, you can choose which day of the week to begin with (Sunday or Monday) and your language (including English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch). Don’t forget to give your app instance a name by editing the Instance Name section (we called it Today’s Date in the example below).

date app settings

Wondering why you don’t need to choose a correct date to start with? ScreenCloud picks the date from the device you're using (for example, your TV screen). This ensures that if the internet is disconnected, your date remains in the right place. All you need to do is ensure that you've selected the correct date on your device when you add the Date app.

Once you’ve chosen your settings, click Preview to check if you’re happy with how the Date app will look like on your digital screen.  

date app preview

3. Add the Date app to a Channel

The simple tutorial below will show you how to add the Date app to one of your Channels.

add date app to a channel

4. Create a custom theme for your Date app

You can easily create a custom theme for the Date app via the Themes section in your Account Settings (as shown below).

screencloud theme settings

Once created, themes can be added at a Channel-level. Find out more on how to create custom themes with ScreenCloud here.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is the Date app showing the wrong date?

The app uses the date and time of your device (for example, the TV screen the app is displaying) so as long as the time and date on your device are configured correctly, the Date app will show the correct date.

Does the Date app work offline?

Yes, the Date app will keep the correct date showing, even if you aren’t connected to the internet.

Can I use the Date app in portrait or landscape format?

Yes, you can use the Date app in both portrait and landscape format.

For further questions please contact with details. 

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