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ScreenCloud Currencies App Guide

Display up to the minute currency exchange rates on your digital screens.

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Please note, if you’re using the older version of ScreenCloud ( you can download the alternative Currencies app guide here.

The ScreenCloud Currencies app allows you to share the latest currency rates from around the world to your digital screens in a visual display. Share the latest Pound to Dollars rates, Euro to Chinese Yuan, and more at the click of a button. This makes it easy to keep your office, lobby, store, or school viewers up to date with the latest exchange rates through your digital screens from our integration with Twelve Data API. The API allows you to show the latest currency rates.

With the ScreenCloud Currencies app you can:

  • Choose from over 100 different currencies
  • Select a base rate to compare
  • Show one or multiple currencies (up to 10 per page)

Here’s how it works:

1. Select and install ScreenCloud’s Currencies app

1.1. To begin, sign in to your existing ScreenCloud account and access the App Store from the left-hand menu.

screencloud app store

1.2.Type curr into the search box and you’ll find the Currencies app. Choose Install App to create a new instance.

screencloud currencies app

2. Choose your settings 

In the next page, you’ll see a settings panel where you can add and edit an instance of the Currencies app. It’s useful to edit the Instance Name section (we named it Currency - Floor 1 here) to help you spot the instance later if you’re adding more than one Currencies app to your Playlist or Channel.

screencloud currencies app settings

Unit will tell the app how much of each currency you would like to compare, for example, 100 US dollars to 100 Euros or 1 US dollar to 1 Euro. Base currency will determine which currency is used across all instances. You can also enter a custom page title.

Next, enter your currencies separated by non-space commas as shown in the example. Here, you can include up to 10 different currencies to compare per page.

screencloud currencies app settings

The acronym for each currency the app supports is listed as below:

AED: United Arab Emirates

AFN: Afghanistan

ALL: Albania

AMD: Armenia

ANG: Sint Maarten

AOA: Angola

AQ: Antarctica

ARS: Argentina

AUD: Australia

AWG: Aruba

AZN: Azerbaijan

BAM: Bosnia and Herzegovina

BBD: Barbados

BDT: Bangladesh

BGN: Bulgaria

BHD: Bahrain

BIF: Burundi

BMD: Bermuda

BND: Brunei

BOB: Bolivia

BRL: Brazil

BSD: Bahamas

BTN: Bhutan

BWP: Botswana

BYR: Belarus

BZD: Belize

CAD: Canada

CDF: Democratic Republic of the Congo

CHF: Liechtenstein

CLP: Chile

CNY: China

COP: Colombia

CRC: Costa Rica

CUP: Cuba

CVE: Cape Verde

CZK: Czech Republic

DJF: Djibouti

DKK: Denmark

DOP: Dominican Republic

DZD: Algeria

EGP: Egypt

ERN: Eritrea

ETB: Ethiopia

EUR: Ireland

FJD: Fiji

FKP: Falkland Islands

GBP: Isle of Man

GEL: Georgia

GHS: Ghana

GIP: Gibraltar

GMD: Gambia

GNF: Guinea

GTQ: Guatemala

GYD: Guyana

HKD: Hong Kong

HNL: Honduras

HRK: Croatia

HTG: Haiti

HUF: Hungary

IDR: Indonesia

ILS: Israel

INR: India

IQD: Iraq

IRR: Iran

ISK: Iceland

JMD: Jamaica

JOD: Jordan

JPY: Japan

KES: Kenya

KGS: Kyrgyzstan

KHR: Cambodia

KMF: Comoros

KPW: North Korea

KRW: South Korea

KWD: Kuwait

KYD: Cayman Islands

KZT: Kazakhstan

LAK: Laos

LBP: Lebanon

LKR: Sri Lanka

LRD: Liberia

LSL: Lesotho

LTL: Lithuania

LYD: Libya

MAD: Morocco

MDL: Moldova

MGA: Madagascar

MKD: Macedonia

MMK: Myanmar

MNT: Mongolia

MOP: Macao

MRO: Mauritania

MUR: Mauritius

MVR: Maldives

MWK: Malawi

MXN: Mexico

MYR: Malaysia

MZN: Mozambique

NAD: Namibia

NGN: Nigeria

NIO: Nicaragua

NOK: Norway

NPR: Nepal

NZD: Cook Islands

OMR: Oman

PAB: Panama

PEN: Peru

PGK: Papua New Guinea

PHP: Philippines

PKR: Pakistan

PLN: Poland

PYG: Paraguay

QAR: Qatar

RON: Romania

RSD: Serbia

RUB: Russia

RWF: Rwanda

SAR: Saudi Arabia

SBD: Solomon Islands

SCR: Seychelles

SDG: Sudan

SEK: Sweden

SGD: Singapore

SHP: Saint Helena

SLL: Sierra Leone

SOS: Somalia

SRD: Suriname

SSP: South Sudan

STD: Sao Tome and Principe

SYP: Syria

SZL: Swaziland

THB: Thailand

TJS: Tajikistan

TMT: Turkmenistan

TND: Tunisia

TOP: Tonga

TRY: Turkey

TTD: Trinidad and Tobago

TWD: Taiwan

TZS: Tanzania

UAH: Ukraine

UGX: Uganda

USD: American Samoa

UYU: Uruguay

UZS: Uzbekistan

VEF: Venezuela

VND: Vietnam

VUV: Vanuatu

WST: Samoa

XAF: Chad

XCD: Anguilla

XOF: Togo

XPF: New Caledonia

YER: Yemen

ZAR: South Africa

ZMK: Zambia

ZWL: Zimbabwe

3. Preview your results

Once you’ve chosen your currencies, hit Preview to ensure you’re happy with the layout and currencies chosen, and click Preview again to go back to the settings panel.

currencies app preview

4. Add the Currencies app to a Channel

Once you’re happy with your settings, don’t forget to save them. Then you can add your newly created Currencies app instance to one of your Channels. Check out the simple tutorial below!

add currencies app to a channel

5. Create a custom theme for your Currencies app

Currencies is one of the ScreenCloud apps that can be custom branded. Head over to your Account Settings and click New Theme.

screencloud theme settings

Newly created themes can be added at a Channel-level in order to custom brand apps like Currencies. Find out more on how to create custom themes with ScreenCloud here

Frequently asked questions:

Will the Currencies app continue to work if I go offline?

The Currencies app has a 10-minute cache. If your screens are offline, it will show the most relevant currencies from within the last 10 minutes. 

How many currencies can I show at one time?

You can show up to 10 different currencies per page within your digital signage display. If you're showing more than this amount, the currencies will go on to two or more pages.

How long will the Currencies app feed play for?

This is determined by the duration you have set within a Channel. 

For further questions please contact with details.   

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