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How to increase employee engagement, productivity and retention

In this video, Mark - CEO of ScreenCloud - will show you:

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    The new automated, predictable and scalable model to increase employee engagement

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    The 6 content pillars that enable a more engaged workforce

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    The power of microlearning, and how we can use it to our advantage

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Hear from our customers

“We saved over 575 hours from our IT budget by switching to ScreenCloud to support our digital signage.”

“ScreenCloud is so amazing, it’s basically a Swiss army knife that we’re able to deploy for all of these different diverse departments”.

“I can spend five minutes a week getting my message out and it hit all employees and it’s unbelievable.”

“ScreenCloud is one click and your message is where you need it to be.”

“This is a great way to reach our folks who are in job site trailers that never come into the office hardly ever, and I can reach those remote workers fairly easily.”

“It’s all very stable, very reliable, and pretty much everything can be done from the ScreenCloud dashboard.”