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Digital Signage in Corporate Communications

Better Communication Happens with Screens

Imagine an organization where information flows freely between the screens that live in every office. From company announcements, to staff training videos.

Information that usually stays buried in emails and intranets, visible, on digital screens for everyone to see.

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ScreenCloud Corporate Comms Apps
ScreenCloud Corporate Comms Apps

ScreenCloud gives you the tools to create shared information experiences

Reward Staff

Increase the value of praise by making it visible to the entire organization.

Make Announcements

Takeover all of your screens to make a company notice, or emergency announcement.

Drive with data

Use dashboards and metrics to keep everyone on the pulse of your company.

Get to know employees

Keep distributed teams connected with who’s just joined.

Improve training

Surface your training programs and increase uptake.

Increase efficiency

Never wait in line for a meeting room again, with simple booking systems.

Why ScreenCloud for Corporate Communications?

ScreenCloud Fast Setup

5-minute set up

ScreenCloud works on easy-to-organize hardware like a screen you already have and a simple media device like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromebit.

ScreenCloud Great Support

Seriously good support

Our Customer Success and Marketing teams are dedicated to helping you set up, troubleshoot and come up with amazing content ideas.

Our apps make getting content live easy

You already have company information, sharing that visually should be easy. That’s why we invented the ScreenCloud App Store. With 80+ free integrations like Slack, Google Slides and Noticeboard, to help you take content from where it lives, and place it on screen.

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ScreenCloud App Grammarly

Companies improving their corporate communications

At 3M we have lots of updates happening internally all of the time and it’s very difficult for us to conduct a meeting every time to announce something. Every 3Mer has a high workload and we want to make sure that internal updates are well heard.

With ScreenCloud we can publish a message and everyone at the same time can see that message. ScreenCloud software is very easy to use and everyone can use it. It doesn’t require any training.

ScreenCloud Case Study 3M

Ranim Amin

Digital Marketing Leader, 3M

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