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ScreenCloud Broadcast

It’s never been easy to go live inside the organization, until now

ScreenCloud Broadcast removes friction so that your organization can broadcast live meetings to every employee, securely and as part of your existing communications.

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“ScreenCloud makes it very simple to push out digital messaging internally to end-users. It’s a great way for us to make sure that all the different teams here see the same important information. It’s completely solved our internal communication problem.”

Manny Cabrera

IT Support Technician, Anaplan

Securely share to your network

Broadcast is built on the same low-latency live streaming technology that powers Twitch. With all the security protocols you’d expect, like password protection and authentication through existing tools.

Schedule as part of company TV

Use your existing screen network to go live. Easily takeover what’s playing in the moment without interrupting your regular content schedule.

See employee reactions

Catch live reactions from watchers who can send in emoji reactions as the live stream is happening.

No viewer caps

Perfect for infrequent live events, you can stream your meeting to every employee wherever they are, without additional service fees or tools.

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ScreenCloud Broadcast is now available. We’d love to show you how it could work as part of your existing digital signage network.

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