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ScreenCloud Launches Staffbase News App

Introducing the ScreenCloud Staffbase News app. The new app allows organizations to stream news from their Staffbase platform directly to company screens and amplify internal messages for employees.

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Organizations recognize the importance of internal communication, particularly with hard to reach, deskless employees who often feel disconnected from their employer. The latest Gallup research suggest as many as 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. When it comes to employee communications, Staffbase is recognized as a global leader in the space, enabling organizations to communicate with employees via email, app and intranet solutions. However, in many work environments, it is critical to have those communications on screen too, perhaps in environments where workers can not access their computer or mobile devices. ScreenCloud enables organizations to maximize the reach of their communications by getting the right messages on screens, where employees can see them at any time.

The ScreenCloud Staffbase News app has been developed to eliminate the overhead of creating content for both Staffbase and ScreenCloud. Our new app makes it simple to publish Staffbase content to digital screens automatically, and optimize it for digital signage display. The ScreenCloud Staffbase News app allows organizations to:

  • Automatically display Staffbase News content on digital screens, without the need for employees to opt in
  • Run Staffbase channels along with other ScreenCloud media, apps, and custom content
  • Display QR codes to link employees to Staffbase News articles on their mobile device
  • Show engagement from other employees through likes and comments

The integration is quick and easy to set up, and our Staffbase News app guide will walk you through the steps.

If you're interested in the Staffbase News app, please reach out to your ScreenCloud customer success manager, or contact to enable the app on your ScreenCloud account.

Instant access to ScreenCloud is available here.

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