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What's New?

A wrap up of the top 5 recent releases, some great enhancements and a sneak peak at what’s coming soon

October  2022

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1. Emergency Alerts

This new app allows you to connect your screens directly with your mass alerts platform of choice. When an emergency alert comes through via the Common Alert Protocol (CAP), you can be sure that everyone gets the message and knows what to do and how to keep safe – campus wide, or site wide. We currently support Singlewire, Omnilert, and Rave. Get in touch if you’d like us to integrate with any other platform!

More information - here

2. Screens Manager

Screens Manager is designed for anyone who manages a large network of screens across multiple spaces. Enjoy an overview of all your screens in one place, and make bulk edits and updates across one or many screens across one or many locations; quickly and easily. Watch this space over the next few months as we’re going to be adding more network insights and the ability to download the screen data.

More information - here

3. Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams integration means you can now publish ‘screen-ready’ Teams content directly to your digital signage network. The ScreenCloud Microsoft Teams app allows you to reach your workforce with branded engagements, personalized interactions, and key data points.

More information - here

4. Canvas Updates / QR Codes

Behind every piece of content you share to a screen, there’s always an outcome you want to achieve. However, it’s difficult to track how successful your content strategy is, and how many employees are engaged with it. The new QR code generator within Canvas enables you to track which QR codes are being scanned, how many times, and from which screens – giving you insight into what’s resonating with your people.

More information - here

5. Canva coming to Playgrounds

Have a custom app idea, or just want to play around to see what you can do with ScreenCloud? Use our in-built code editor to create your own apps to display content on screen. If you’re unsure of what to build, we have just introduced a new Canva template that makes it super easy to get your unique Canva designs onto the big screen. GIFs, videos, and more will bring your content to life.

More information - here

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