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7 New Player and ScreenCloud OS Capabilities in Studio and the RDM Console

Our latest feature release includes 7 new players and ScreenCloud OS capabilities, including device reboot, screenshot availability in Studio, player restart, customizable video playback source (with 4K support) and more.

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Over the last few months, we’ve rolled out new versions of ScreenCloud OS and our player apps in order to add lots of useful new capabilities, and now those new capabilities are ready to be used in Studio and the RDM Console.

Here’s seven new features that will help you manage your digital signage screens and the devices powering them, available today!

Screenshot, now available in Studio with expanded support

Earlier this year we made our Screenshot feature available via the RDM Console, but now we’re making it even easier to take screenshots of what is displaying on your screens, straight from Studio. The new Screenshot feature in Studio also supports more than just ScreenCloud OS devices, with an additional 6 operating systems now supported.

Learn more about the Screenshot feature here.

Restart Player

It’s now possible to restart the ScreenCloud player app on your screens or the devices powering your screens with our new Restart Player feature in Studio. Restarting the player app helps load your content from the start, which can sometimes help when you’re experiencing issues.

Learn more about the Restart Player feature here.

Reboot Device, now available in Studio with expanded support

With our RDM Console it’s easy to reboot your ScreenCloud OS devices, and now it’s possible to do so in Studio as well with our Reboot Device feature, with an additional 3 operating systems now supported. Rebooting your device can help clear your device’s memory, which can sometimes help when you’re experiencing issues.

Learn more about the Reboot Device feature here.

Video Playback Source

With our new Video Playback Source feature, it’s easy to choose whether to play optimized video files or the original uploaded video files on your screen. This is great if you want to play video files that have a higher resolution (like 4K) than the maximum of 1080p resolution that optimized video files have, or if you want to play custom resolution video files on screens with unique dimensions.

Learn more about the Video Playback feature here.

Clear Cache, now with expanded support

We’ve expanded support for our Clear Cache feature, with an additional 5 operating systems now supported.

Learn more about the Clear Cache feature here.

Set Timezone / Set Hostname via the RDM Console

We’ve had a few customers specifically ask for these features and we listened, with it now possible to set the timezone or hostname of your ScreenCloud OS devices via the RDM Console.

Learn more about the Set Timezone / Set Hostname features here.

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