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How Digital Signage can Boost Your Health and Safety Communication

Health and safety communication is a crucial aspect of any organization, and it is essential to ensure that all employees, visitors, and contractors are aware of the risks and hazards associated with their work environment. One of the most effective ways to communicate this health and safety information is through the use of digital signage. How? Read our article to find out.

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Non-fatal workplace injuries put employees in danger and cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Issues like outdated information and communication delays could be the difference between a safe workplace and a risky one. It is crucial to show your frontline workers that you value their safety. Read on to see how an effective digital signage solution can help your workforce.

Health and safety communication encompasses all messaging regarding workplace conduct to keep employees away from the danger present within their working environment. Although similar, it is different from compliance communication. While showing industry-wide standards is equally important, workplace health and safety communication includes the specific risks and policies of your organization.

Studies show that digital signage is a leading way to broadcast important information quickly, as it only takes a glance to receive information during time-sensitive work conditions. Visual media gains 400% more attention than static media; digitizing your internal comms also makes company-wide messaging easier with an even wider reach. With these advantages, digital signage and health and safety communication seems like a perfect fit.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Health and Safety Communication

Real-time updates

One of the significant advantages of digital signage is that it allows for real-time updates. With a digital signage solution that can be updated easily and quickly, you can ensure that employees, visitors, and contractors are always aware of the latest safety information. 

For example, in the event of an emergency, digital signage can be quickly updated to provide evacuation instructions or other critical information.

Customizable content

Another advantage of digital signage is that it allows for customizable content, so each organization can tailor their health and safety communications to suit their specific needs and audience. Mass produced or overgeneralized information can be unhelpful and easily ignored or forgotten. 

However, different personalized displays can be used to communicate information across different departments and groups which will be better retained. Due to digital signage’s passive information flow, workers do not have to exert as much cognitive energy to process its message, which they can then reserve to focus on their task at hand.

Increased engagement

Interactive displays, such as touch screens or displayed safety surveys, can be used to provide information and training on health and safety procedures. This can be an effective way to make employees aware of the risks and hazards associated with their work environment and how to minimize them, as long as the interaction is used in moderation.


Digital signage is also a cost-effective solution for health and safety communication. It eliminates the need for printing and distributing paper-based materials, which can be costly. Additionally, digital signage can be easily updated and maintained, which further reduces costs compared to regularly changing a noticeboard. 

Remote screen management, one of ScreenCloud’s scalable digital signage solution advantages, makes updating information possible in just a few minutes while reducing overhead.

Implementing Digital Signage for Health and Safety Communication

Develop a plan

Once you decide to implement digital signage for your organization’s health and safety communication, you need to first develop a plan. 

Meet across departments to create a plan that includes the objectives and goals of the organization and how it manifests on the floor. You will also be able to gain information on how to tailor your content to specific workers across departments and what they need to be communicated to safely complete their responsibilities. Lastly, you should also receive insight on the location and number of displays that will be needed.

Choose the right hardware and software

The next step is to choose the right hardware and software for your digital signage system. 

Choosing a digital signage solution includes considering the type of displays, the content management system, and the software used to create and manage the content. It is important to choose hardware and software that is compatible with the organization's existing systems and that can be easily updated and maintained, such as ScreenCloud’s digital signage software.

Create and manage content

The content used in your digital signage system should be relevant, engaging, and easy to understand. Include information on the risks and hazards associated with your work environment, any specific hazards that your employees need to look out for, as well as the procedures to minimize them. Organizations should also ensure that the content is regularly updated and accurate.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the system

Finally, organizations should monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the digital signage system. This can be done by tracking the content’s engagement levels and the feedback received. Feedback can be informal, through word of mouth, or you can use digital signage and put up a survey, poll, or even a QR code leading to a place for employees to leave their thoughts. Most importantly, organizations must be willing to make adjustments and improvements to the system based on employee feedback.

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ScreenCloud helps teams in 9,000+ organizations around the world communicate with those who matter most, using the screens on their walls and the content already in their systems. 

ScreenCloud’s digital signage can inform employees on corporate information like social media feeds, data visualizations, emergency alerts, and live broadcasts – or even simply the news, sports scores and weather. 

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