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Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected WorkforceShow all case studiesScreenCloud arrow
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How to Create a Digital Welcome Board

A memorable welcome message can greatly improve the visitor experience. Find out how to use digital signage for welcome boards in offices, retail and more.

how to use digital signage for your welcome sign and office signs

Amid bustling offices or public-facing businesses such as hotels, healthcare facilities and retail centers, presenting a welcoming atmosphere can be more than just a good first impression.

By welcoming your visitors, you're letting people know they're appreciated, conveying aspects of your business or corporate culture and setting the tone for their visit. And what's more, a welcome sign is a simple thing to set up and can make a huge difference to the overall vibe.

Increasingly, businesses are incorporating a digital welcome board –a blend of state-of-the-art technology, innovative design, and effective communication– into their visitor greetings.

A form of digital signage, the digital welcome signs allow organizations to connect with customers, both on a personalized and communal level. From welcome messages to wayfinding information, let's find out how you can leverage the impact of digital signage welcome boards in your premises.

What is a digital welcome display?

Digital signage is usually displayed in the form of a TV screen, or other form of digital display. This can include standalone digital kiosks, imposing video walls or even using smaller displays or tablets at tables or on desks/counters.

A welcome sign in an office or business context can be used to display a number of different messages. These can range from the simple, such as:

  • Welcome messages
  • Time and date
  • Business updates or information

However, using digital signage for welcome signs means that you can incorporate more complex or interactive information too. For example:

  • Estimated waiting times
  • Access to a menu or price list
  • Directional or wayfinding information
  • Scrolling news tickers or other relevant information
  • Additional messages such as promotional content
  • Video feeds from online sources
  • Social media content

And while the idea of a welcome sign might sound like something you find in the entranceway to a location, with digital signage, you can place a screen wherever you see as a relevant location.

Read more: Ideas for digital signage content.

an example of a waiting room or office sign

Where can you display a digital welcome board?

The beauty of digital welcome boards lies in their versatility. Be it a five-star hotel reception, dentist waiting room or a corporate conference venue, digital welcome boards can make a profound impression.

These are just a few suggestions of places to display your digital signage welcome displays.

  • Office reception
  • Office foyer
  • Hotel reception and public seating areas
  • On TV screens in hotel rooms
  • Within hotel restaurants and bars
  • Shopping centers/malls
  • Retail shops or department stores
  • Doctor or dentist waiting rooms
  • University of college foyers
  • Apartment buildings or shared residential blocks
  • Bars, nightclubs and events venues

As you can see, welcome signs go beyond simple usage in office foyers. If you're looking to create an engaging focal point for your visitors, you can either use an existing network of digital signage, or identify opportunities for screens and displays within your venue that could convey your message.

And talking of sending a message, what are the types of content that can be displayed as part of a digital welcome sign?

What can you display on a digital welcome board?

Of course, a digital welcome board is not just about extending a warm hello to the visitors; it's about enriching their experience. And while sending a welcome message is obviously a nice touch, there are other ways to incorporate important messages, or even adding some entertainment into the mix.

In fact, by using ScreenCloud to manage your digital signage, you can create a dynamic welcome sign with all sorts of additional elements such as social media walls, inspirational quotes and pretty much any type of digital content you want to include.

Here are some elements you can display:

  • Static messages: These are the fixed assets of your digital board, which can comprise your company's name, logo, tagline, visiting hours, and any other static greeting. You can also include important announcements, promotional content or even inspirational quotes to keep your welcome sign interesting.
  • Dynamic content: There are lots of options to include content that is used to inform your visitors using dynamic content. This can range from date, time, weather updates, local news, sports scores or even currency rates, which can all be automated easily using ScreenCloud's 70+ apps for digital signage.
  • Video content: Digital signage can incorporate more than just text and pictures. Add engaging video content from either your own portfolio, or connect to big online video sites such as YouTube, Facebook and more.
  • Custom greetings: Give your guests the personal treatment by displaying custom greetings for different visitors, adding a layer of sophistication to your visitor management. This is obviously easier if you're expecting specific visitors or if there are appointments which can activate the personalization once checked in.
  • Interactive elements: Leverage the interactive capabilities of digital welcome boards by integrating engaging elements such as touch-screen interfaces or QR codes. These interactive elements can encourage visitors to access information or engage with your business.
  • Queue management: In certain establishments like healthcare centers or retail stores, digital welcome boards can display the queue status, helping distribute visitor attention and reducing perceived waiting times. You can also add digital elements to allow customers to check stock or menu items, pre-order or book their next appointments.
  • Real-time updates: Digital welcome boards can be connected to the company's CMS to display real-time updates about important news and notifications.

How can you set up a digital signage welcome board?

The best way to set up office signage using digital displays is with digital signage software such as ScreenCloud. This allows you to easily create your displays using easily adaptable templates, customizing them to your brand style, animating them without needing to get into the nitty gritty of complex editing or code, and adding in elements such as news tickers, time and date displays and more.

Setting up content for your digital signage welcome board with ScreenCloud is relatively simple and can be done in minutes. You just need to log into your ScreenCloud account, choose the style of content you want for your digital welcome sign and away you go.

You do, of course, need to have your digital signage, or network of signage, setup and ready. If you need to set up your digital signage network, make sure to read the guide below.

How to setup a digital signage network for events

Once you've set up your digital displays in the required locations, it's just a case of sending the content via your digital signage software.

Tips for creating engaging welcome sign content

Beyond the simple welcome sign splash screen, if you're looking for ways of creating content that appeals to visitors and conveys the essence of your business culture, we've put these tips together.

  • Identify your audience: Understand and recognize who your audience is and the type of content that will enhance their visit. While this might be simple in places such as doctors waiting rooms, visitors to a shop or corporate office will need radically different content. Understand what they might be looking for, and how you can make their experience easier with your digital signs.
  • Choose the right equipment: Your digital welcome board's effectiveness is highly dependent on the hardware you select. Factors like screen size, resolution, brightness, connectivity, and energy consumption are key hardware considerations. It's no good having great sign content which is then hidden on a tiny monitor hidden behind the reception desk.
  • Software: Your choice of digital signage software needs to handle media-rich, interactive content, offer features like scheduling, manage multiple displays, and provide access to different apps. ScreenCloud ticks all of these boxes and starts from just $20 per screen, per month.
  • Location: Place your digital welcome board strategically so that it is not only visible but also doesn't obstruct the visitor flow. Wall mounted TV monitors are often the best, but some venues may also benefit from having standalone kiosks or interactive screens.
  • Installation & testing: Before making it live, run some pilot tests on your digital welcome board. Ensure the readability, functionality, and durability of your system.
  • Update content regularly: While your welcome messages might not change much over time, the supporting content will likely need updating. This is where dynamic content can be useful, as it will update itself. However, adding in a process of auditing and adding new content once a week, or throughout the month, will ensure that your digital welcome messages don't lose their impact.

Getting started with ScreenCloud

Whether you're upgrading your digital signage software, or you're getting started setting up a great welcome message for your lobby, business location or to improve employee communication, it's easy to get started with ScreenCloud.

Start with a free trial or schedule a demo and see how ScreenCloud can start welcoming your visitors.

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