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    Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected Workforce
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Case Studies

Recomended case study thumbnailHow Ricoh UK Products Limited Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected WorkforceShow all case studiesScreenCloud arrow
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Digital signage in coworking spaces - missing a trick?

Coworking spaces are innovative and fresh in their approach to 'the office'. But they're missing a trick when it comes to using their digital signage displays to upsell, create and collaborate!

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If you’ve ever worked in the startup arena, chances are you’ve found yourself within a coworking space. Similarly, the growing trend of remote working means that many a freelancer has hunkered down in a trendy studio space in order to work alongside free coffee and other creatives they won’t have to talk to. 

Coworking allows you to become part of something without necessarily having to be in the same country, or room as the rest of your company. When you’re running a team across three continents, sometimes a coworking spot can help them to get into the swing of a set routine or working space, without the need for physical desks and high overheads. Traditional office spaces are considerably less important now and coworking spaces is a trend that we think is set to grow.

Our only question is, why aren’t coworking spaces doing more to optimize the digital signage opportunity available to them?

Since entering the field of digital signage with ScreenCloud, we can’t pass by a screen without wondering if there’s a better way. Here’s looking at you, boring and turned off reception screens. While we love the dynamic, fast-paced nature of coworking spaces and the collaboration we often see on whiteboards, desks and notices throughout them, we want to help bring simple digital signage to all that we visit.

Here are just a few of the ideas we’ve been bubbling over in our brains about the potential for simple, but great, digital signage within coworking spaces:


Part of coworking spaces is about collaboration (or at least it should be). I can’t tell you how useful it is when you’re a tech startup and you get placed next to a tech journalist within a coworking space. Suddenly you have your prized coverage opportunity sitting next to you sipping coffee and they have their scoop before other publications even get a whisper. But while most of the collaboration within coworking spaces often comes from relationship building and one-on-one conversations, there’s also an opportunity for a more formalized way. Perhaps you’re an event organizer who needs a sponsor for the goody bags on front row at your New York fashion week show. With a simple digital signage screen setup in the office, all of your coworking tenants can post notices about the help they need or gaps they have available, leading to increased collaboration and the sharing of opportunity. The reason this works so much better on a screen than by email alone, is that it gives all of the tenants a fair opportunity to view what’s upcoming and can be updated in realtime, ensuring that notices are up only as long as they’re relevant. 


Regardless of how many tenants you have, coworking spaces can be expensive to run. One of the ways digital signage screens can be useful in this area is to allow your tenants to see what else is available. Perhaps there’s a super-coveted desk spot that someone else is looking to snap up, or multi-desk deals you can offer for those looking to expand. Using your digital screen network to showcase offers, deals, promotion codes and visual client testimonials is a great way to expand your offering and potentially up-sell to clients.

Practical information

With so many different companies and individuals working under one roof, organization with coworking spaces is a bit of a landmine! We can imagine that ‘first come first served’ plays a big part when it comes to booking rooms and areas. One of the way a dumb digital signage screen could make itself more useful to you and your tenants is by showing your booking system for rooms and spaces. This gives any of the companies or individuals, at a glance, a look inside what’s available and when the next slot may be available. Similarly, a ticker tape along the bottom of your screen can announce updates and news about the space. Perhaps you have special opening times for the Easter holidays, or a pizza party that no one will want to miss. Compiling all key updates into one simple screen solution allows you to stay on top of the updates and provide an up-to-the minute noticeboard on what’s going on - without the need for endless email chains and Slack notifications. 


One of the benefits of working within a coworking space is the exposure to so many other great companies and individuals who may have the skillsets you’re missing. Need help with the right analytics platform for your email marketing? I bet the guys next to you have a couple they’ve used. Looking to raise your next round but need a pair of eyes on your slide deck? Perhaps there’s someone who’ll be interested in a ‘sense check’ swap with you. 

This is where smart digital signage comes into play. Whiteboards can get easily ignored and messages missed when it’s left to someone who types all day for a living, to handwrite what they need. With a simple consumer screen setup and a Chrome Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can turn your office screen into a skill-swap board that anyone can contribute to. A visual notice board where your tenants can appeal for help with what they need and where you can build an ecosystem that makes people want to swap skills and commission from within. 


Let’s be honest, if you’re a coworking space, chances are you’re pretty cool. If we were playing coworking bingo you’d have at least one of the foosball tables, working pods, rooftop terraces or free coffee stations that many coworking spaces offer. Just like any traditional office space, your reception screens should show off your unique selling points. For a few hundred dollars, you can’t beat the power of a quick screen setup, that showcases images, videos, web apps and testimonials from the tenants who are so happy to be boarding with you. Attracting new clients as soon as they walk through the door and reinforcing your space as a nice place to work. 

Need help?

At ScreenCloud we’re on a mission. A mission to make dumb screens smart and help all manner of spaces to make the most of their digital signage. We’re doing this through a super simple, cheap digital signage software platform that allows you to collate images, videos, presentations and more into playlists for your screens. An online system that anyone can use, that can be updated from anywhere in the world. 

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