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How Can Business Digital Signage Solve Internal Communication Challenges?

Communication breakdowns are common across organizations. Information silos, disconnected messaging systems, and misaligned updates all contribute to inefficiencies and frustrations. Digital signage can solve these and other common communication internal challenges simultaneously.

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Good communication is the keystone to business success no matter the objective or operation. Companies that consistently communicate with their employees enjoy high levels of overall productivity. 

CMSWire found that 97% of employees believe that communication affects their ability to do their job daily. Despite this, more than 50% of companies report having no long-term internal communication strategy in their organizations.

Having a clear and deliberate communications strategy can improve workplace productivity, employee satisfaction, internal collaboration, and create a better, more sustainable workplace culture

Instead of resorting to mass, chain emails or printed notifications to share vital company updates, organizations should opt for a fully digitized communication strategy that allows them to share information instantly with all employees at every level. Business digital signage is the ideal means of achieving this.   


What Common Challenges Can Businesses Overcome With Business Digital Signage?

1. Elevating and improving internal communications

Many organizations looking at how to improve their internal communication often favor quantity over quality. 

However, sending out more internal messages, updates and amendments won’t necessarily improve the intake of these communications. In most instances, the way in which messages are shared plays a greater role in their success than how often they’re shared. 

Relying on verbal team meetings only serves to disrupt the workflow of employees who have their next task, as well as other things on their minds. Text-based updates like emails, instant messaging, and printed newsletters will also often get ignored or missed by a large portion of employees. 

Internal communications managers then lose a lot of time creating content that gets ignored by employees, resulting in communication breakdowns and process disruptions.

A way to work around this is to streamline all communications through business digital signage stationed across a business or organization. Industrial display screens employ visual, eye-catching content to communicate important company information in a way that attracts the eye and catches employees’ attention. 

Screens that are distributed around the business ensure that employees working across the organization will have access to the same information that they can routinely check as they go about their day. 

Going digital eliminates the need for paper-based communications and unncessary, disruptive meetings, improving communications and productivity simultaneously.

2. Engaging a disconnected deskless workforce

For companies that employ a deskless workforce, communication challenges are even greater compared to deskbound employees. 

How do you effectively communicate with employees whose line of work requires them to be mobile for most of the day? 

Whether they’re drivers, supermarket staff, healthcare workers, or frontline factory employees, these workers are unlikely to have a company email address and are unlikely to have the time to constantly check their phones for important messages. 

Deskless employees are especially at risk of missing vital company updates and announcements and may be unaware of new initiatives, programs, and regulations. 

This can create misunderstandings at every level and cause employees and managers to feel frustrated and disconnected. For companies that employ a largely deskless workforce, it’s vital that communication is consistent and effective, otherwise, employees will feel disempowered and disengaged while at work. 

Business digital signage implemented at multiple levels of an organization can help cascade information seamlessly from top to bottom. Screens are visually engaging and can consistently be updated to reflect new announcements or other messages. 

This is particularly useful for communicating with deskless employees who can receive all the information they need by referring to their nearest screen as they do their job, instead of being asked to search for a newsletter or bulletin board notice elsewhere in the company. 

3. Improving interaction between departments

An important part of company success is clear communication and collaboration between departments. For a shared office, this isn’t too much of a challenge. Booking a meeting, sending out a mass email, or creating a shared chat space on something like Slack is generally enough. 

However, for businesses that are spread across locations where employees spend large portions of their day on the move, inter-departmental communication becomes a little more tricky. 

If departments rely on vital information from each other to perform their day-to-day operations, communication can quickly descend into stagnant information silos that slow down efficiency and frustrate workers who fall behind on their schedules.

Industrial display screens can bridge the communication gap between departments, warehouses, and production floors. Business digital signage that constantly updates to displays stats, metrics, KPI performance, and other essential data in real-time can help departments communicate better without having to rely on typing manual messages or constantly making disruptive phone calls. 

Display screens that are updated on one departmental end can instantly communicate the same message to screens in another department via a triggered messaging setup, ensuring communication is swift and simple between departments. 

4. Boosting employee engagement and responsiveness

Communication effectiveness is about more than maximizing reach. Your messages may be reaching your employees but are they having any measurable impact on their performance? 

The Harvard Business Review found that businesses with a high level of employee engagement in the workplace enjoyed a 22% higher level of productivity compared to organizations that don’t. 

Utilizing digital communication methods to build an employee-centric culture is key to boosting employee engagement in the workplace. Digital signage can be used for more than sharing important company updates and departmental notices. 

Employers can use industrial display screens to help get a sense of how their employees are feeling at work. Sharing things like anonymous polls and interactive quizzes on company screens can help gather employee feedback and ideas, which helps employees feel heard and visible in the workplace.

Organizations can also share employee-focused updates across their business digital signage that celebrates wins, encourages teamwork, and celebrates important work and personal milestones. All of these efforts will help employees, particularly deskless ones, feel appreciated and valued, which will encourage them to be more engaged and motivated at work.


Good communication benefits employees, teams, departments, and organizations as a whole. Business digital signage can solve multiple communication challenges, allowing companies to reap the benefits with minimal hassle and at a faster time to market. 

At ScreenCloud we’re obsessed with helping companies realize the potential of their workforce with digital signage software. Book a demo with us to find out how we can help to elevate your internal communications strategy. 

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