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Managing Employees: The Advantages of Digital Signage

Managers worldwide are finding their way to adapt to new workplace norms, which includes deskless, remote and flexible working arrangements. This makes communication all the more challenging but still a vital element in organisation success. Digital signage can assist managers active their communication goals regardless of employee location.

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With the rapid rise of workplace transformation, managing employees has never been as complicated as it is today. Wouldn't it be great if there was a secret formula that whispered everything in your ear that you need to know and kept your employees safe, happy, fulfilled and engaged? The truth is that there is no easy way to manage talent, but there are means to improve employee well being, making the management process a little easier. One of these methods is by implementing digital signage in your organisation.

Managers' duties do not end with allocating tasks and overseeing performance reports. Oh no! The list is endless, and it often includes deep diving into solving office politics, listening to their team, motivating and inspiring people to achieve their personal best and all to the important task of streamlining communication. One slip up can impact the entire organisation and risk the team's well-being. Now, While digital signage cannot solve all management problems, it can make communication easier and optimise performance in entire operations. Here's how digital signage can help in managing employees.

Communicating with Out-of-Office Talent

The Covid 19 pandemic has fast-tracked globalisation, with many companies expanding their talent pool to foreign countries; the advantages of such expansions are endless. However, communication often poses a challenge, especially when managing employees from across the globe and operating within different time zones. Remote work is also great for employees who are based in the same location as the company. Not only has it been proven to promote better work-life balance, but it is an excellent way to improve engagement, reduce company overheads and increase productivity. Time still plays a significant factor despite digital interconnectivity, especially for managers who oversee several employees and attend back-to-back meetings. No one can be everywhere at once, but digital signage software can help you impart relevant information that allows employees to receive visual communications that are non-evasive and aesthetically pleasing.

Managing Onsite Employees

In the hustle and bustle of the modern-day world, it is easy to miss important information. Digital signage is an attention-grabbing, customisable way to communicate with multiple people at once. Methods like email and in-person meetings or team platforms can be helpful when managing onsite employees. However, people still tend to miss or ignore important notifications and company feedback. 

With digital signage on your side:

  • Managers can post reminders of deadlines and to-do lists.
  • Provide access to reports and ways that teams can improve.
  • Inform employees of upcoming goals.
  • Share internal company communications without clogging anyone's inbox.
  • Post employee milestones to encourage individuals and teams.

Some digital signage networks can connect to multiple locations, which is convenient if you have several offices. Another great aspect of digital signage is that displays don't have to be strictly text; they can include charts, images and engaging videos. 

Communication With Mobile, Deskless Employees

Not all employees work with electronics, especially those in industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation. Unfortunately, electronic forms of communication are practically unreliable when communicating with mobile employees. Typically, these talents are often on the move and not stationed at the office for long durations. Digital signage can assist managers in communicating with such employees by positioning displays at highly trafficked points of the office to grab their attention while on the go. These high traffic areas can include cafeterias, entry-ways and reception areas.

Making The Management Process Easier

ScreenCloud can help you better communicate with your valued talent, improving your overall management. Digital displays offer an easy and convenient way of managing employees no matter where they are stationed.

All you need is your device of choice, either a tablet or computer, to adjust your message and customise your display. Digital signage is an effective way of communicating with and managing employees without wasting valuable time and resources. For more information, visit

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