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Digital Signage Unpacked: 8 Revealing Statistics You Need To Know

Curious for more ways your digital signage can benefit your company? Going into the new year, ScreenCloud found eight statistics about digital signage in 2022 so you can excel in 2023.

A factory floor with two screens of digital signage and two employees in front of the screens.

Digital signage is your essential tool to boost productivity, satisfaction, and profit across the board. As the digital signage industry grows, we expect the deskless workforce to increase alongside it. Don’t leave parts of your organization in the dark – start utilizing your digital signage effectively and watch the progress happen.

1. The value of the global digital signage market is expected to reach $45.3 billion by 2030.

The United States digital signage market is expected to reach 7.25 billion by 2027.

2. Over two-thirds (68%) of American consumers have purchased a product or service because of its signage.

Digital signage is linked to higher customer and employee engagement; which in turn positively affects company loyalty and company profit.

3. The largest sector of deskless workers in the United States is healthcare and education, with 20.9 million employees.

Deskless workers are also a key audience of digital signage because they depend on screens to communicate crucial corporate information.

Retail is the second biggest deskless sector with 13.3 million employees and manufacturing holds 8.8 million employees.

4. 37% of deskless workers are at risk of leaving their job within the next 6 months.

Deskless work sectors have yearly turnover rates as high as 500%.

5. The top five challenges for deskless workers may surprise you. 

Deskless workers listed the following as their top five challenges in the workplace:

  • Managing their workloads (31%)
  • Limited flexibility (30%) 
  • Insufficient technology (25%)
  • Limited autonomy (22%) 
  • Communicating with customers (21%)

6. Deskless workers with sufficient technology are 2x as likely to be very satisfied with their job.

Over half of satisfied deskless employees are likely to stay for the next five years. Turnover costed U.S. employers 2.4 trillion USD in 2021, showing how economically important it is to prioritize workers.

7. Content on a screen is more likely to be understood and retained.

Scientifically, screens are more visually stimulating and easier for memory recollection, allowing easier communication between colleagues or customers.

8. Digital signage can assist employees with their workloads.

69% of frontline workers, 78% of frontline managers, and 84% of corporate leaders believe investment in new tech for frontline workers improves overall organization success.

About ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud helps teams in 9,000+ organizations around the world communicate with those who matter most, using the screens on their walls and the content already in their systems. 

ScreenCloud’s digital signage can inform employees on corporate information like social media feeds, data visualizations, emergency alerts, and live broadcasts – or even simply the news, sports scores and weather. 

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