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How Online Companies Can Use Offline Digital Signage Marketing

If you’re only looking at online marketing methods, you’re looking in the wrong place.

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If you’re predominantly an online business, you already know your marketing wheel of fortune. It goes something like this: website, SEO, PPC, content, social media, customer outreach, outbound marketing, email.

Your customers are online, you’re online, so your marketing needs to be online too, right? That’s true to an extent. But something we’re seeing more often is online companies that are capitalizing on offline marketing.

Offline marketing can have a bad rap. Billboard ads are expensive, outdoor campaigns can be risky, and there are hundreds of other means available. ROI can be a tricky fiend to measure.

But then - in comes the digital screen.

Digital signage is one offline medium that even online companies can use. It’s easy to implement, it’s cheap ($20 per month or thereabouts), it gives total creative control without the huge advertising costs, and it has huge sticking power. If you look at the trends and statistics, digital media in public venues reaches more customers than videos on the Internet or Facebook, and 69% of people say it’s more influential.

Here are three ways your online company can implement it:

Digital signage on your office walls

Even if you are an online company, how many customers or potential customers/stakeholders/investors pass through your office? Don’t rely on them checking out your website or online comms. Give them something physical up on the wall to look at while they wait or head to a meeting.

Office digital signage is incredibly easy to implement. It also gives you a wealth of marketing options. The content is solely in your control. So you can pull up dashboards, testimonials, social media posts, image galleries and more that put your company in the best light possible.

Internal marketing

Digital signage is not just for outward-facing marketing. What about your internal marketing too? Digital screens are a great way to help employees to love the job they’re in, whether it’s sharing images to boost team morale, wishing a team member a happy birthday, or sharing sales figures that help to get things done.

Digital signage up on your office walls can be a great way for an online company to maximize on any physical space and improve internal communication. Your staff is likely generation-digital, so why not give them a medium they’re used to upon which they can share the latest company content?

Digital signage in local business spots

We all know that the greatest examples of marketing came when someone thought outside the box: when Hotmail added a refer a friend tagline, when Dropbox asked you to invite a team mate, when Airbnb hacked Craigslist.

As an online company, you often look towards online “growth hacks” as a way of achieving customers. But trying an offline marketing method could make all the difference. Here’s where it becomes easy. Big billboards on the subway will be expensive to highjack, sure. But digital screens in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and takeaway joints throughout the city are not.

Try creating an advert and seeding it in the places where you know your potential companies go. If your target audience profile is CEOs from the Bay area, then put a load of adverts or testimonials up on every digital screen in every coffee shop around that way.

Digital signage can be a much cheaper way of reaching your audience when only you know where to look.

Just because you’re an online company doesn’t mean you have to veto all offline marketing means. Digital signage is a fun and flexible way to make the most of any wall space you have and to attract new cohorts of customers as a result. Give it a try at

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