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How Business Digital Signage Can Help Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

It’s no great revelation to say that business activity has environmental consequences. But you don’t have to be causing oil spills or pouring toxic waste into the Amazon basin to feel rightfully guilty. Office paper alone makes up a staggering portion of non-recycled waste.

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What’s the answer to office paper waste? Stop printing? While ‘zero paper’ business process is unrealistic, digital signage and industrial display screens can help minimize paper waste while bringing a host of other perks such as:

Why On Paper, Business Digital Signage Is Better For the Environment than… Paper

This worrying showreel of paper-waste facts from The World Counts should be enough to have most office-dwelling accounts payable execs shuffling awkwardly away from the printer.

Ready for it? According to The World Counts, paper alone accounts for a jaw-dropping 26% of all landfill waste.

We’ll skip the other alarming stats about the total hectares of forest cut down to-date in the year, the month, the week, and even the day that we wrote this. You know the drill. We’re all responsible for reducing our impact on the world we want to leave for our children. Business digital signage and industrial display screens can play a surprising role in working towards those goals.

Digital signage is more sustainable than printouts

Unlike static signage, flyers, posters, presentation slides, memos and reports, sustainable digital signage can communicate messages to specifically targeted internal and client audiences.

Even a modest inventory of business digital screens can satisfy key internal communications needs usually fulfilled by literally tonnes of paper that ultimately ends up in landfill, replaced by yet more deforestation and illegal logging.

Digital signage also saves massive amounts of water

Less obviously, business digital signage and industrial display screens also save the mind-numbing volumes of water it takes to print paper. Common internet wisdom has the figure at around 50,000 liters of water needed to make 10,000 sheets of paper—which just one average office employee will print in one year, allegedly.

How Environmentally Friendly Is Business Digital Signage?

While digital signage isn’t carbon neutral, it can reduce business environmental footprint over time if you select the right hardware setup proportionate to your business needs, and then scale slowly.

Achieving digital screens and media player efficiency

The media player is the central hub that brings your digital signage screens to life with branded, customizable content.

The more capable the media player and screens, the more chip computing power. Purchase screens and hardware that out-provides against your needs, and you’ll watch your electricity consumption and costs shoot up.

That’s why it’s important to get your exact needs specced by a trusted vendor with sufficient options to cater cost-effectively for what you want your digital signage real estate to do.

Maybe You Don’t Even Need New Screens?

The best way to reduce cost and environmental impact is to avoid redundancy. There are a lot of screens out there already. That’s why we offer media players capable of smartly connecting and integrating existing screens you may have written-off as incompatible. Try us.

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