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Content Ideas For Your Store’s Christmas Digital Signage Displays

Are your digital signage displays ready for Christmas? Use our quick tips to get them fired up and make the most of the festive period!

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Christmas ‘tis the season to make the most of your digital signage displays to attract new and existing audiences with enticing offers. The beauty of digital signage is that you can change it as easily as you might change a profile picture on Facebook, or add a new slide to a presentation. Remove old content or upload new stuff and you can have it live instantly - without being anywhere near the screen in question! This makes it the ideal candidate for relevant, timely Christmas campaigns that can be wiped in seconds once the occasion is over. 

So why not jazz your digital signage up for the festive period and make the most of your Christmas campaigns by getting them up where everyone can see them - on the big screen! 

Here are a few quick ideas on how you can do exactly that.

Image galleries

You want to build a story to truly connect with your customers, especially at Christmas when let’s face it, everyone’s a little more open to Christmas cheer! Image galleries are a great way to do that and can be uploaded to the ScreenCloud CMS as and when you get them. Cue a stream of office party pics to display as employees turn up the next morning or the sharing of festive, charitable campaign images to help increase traction.

End-of-year reviews

You know the end-of-year review that Facebook and other channels offer their users? They’re not the only ones who can do that. Your company could have changed considerably over the course of the year so use your screens to refresh your values, mission and unique selling points. With an app like Google Slides or Microsoft Power Bi it’s super simple to create reviews containing images, videos and other media files to share with your office, community or customers. These types of reviews are on-trend and more relevant at this time of year than ever, making them excellent viewing content.

Customer testimonials

The last few months of the year are often a lull where you can stop and restock your marketing material. Customers are more open to conversation and you can get some honest feedback from customers and employees. Use this to highlight how customers of Christmases past have connected with your business and what you can offer for the year ahead. 

Dashboards and data

It’s super simple to create beautiful dashboards for your office or lobby using apps such as Klipfolio and Dash. Dashboards can be used to display current data, the latest sales targets or a review of your entire year. Graphs are powerful ways of transmitting information at a glance - perfect for digital signage displays as they need little on the part of your audience.

Social media feeds

Double-up on the social feeds you’re already using to promote festive campaigns by having them up on your digital signage displays. Our App Store is full to the brim of ridiculously powerful apps that allow you to grab social feeds, hashtags and media and show it individually or as a dashboard up on your wall. Some that we offer include:

You could even go all out with a Christmassy skin, profile image or header to attract more attention.

News boards

Use your digital signage to showcase information that’s relevant to your audience over Christmas. In hospitals and veterinary clinics you could show opening times, emergency contact numbers and guidelines for personal care over Christmas. This makes your information so much more visible and valuable than a leaflet that no one’s going to read and it’s sustainable, reducing your print costs! In offices you can show news of what’s coming up in the New Year to keep employees focused - and even get them excited to return to their desks.

If you’re looking for something a little more generic switch to Sky News or CNN, where you might even show some good news for a change. 

Music maestro!

As well as creating your own social media digital signage boards, you can also use an app such as Social Hub to connect social feeds from your SoundCloud and Spotify accounts. This is the perfect way to add a festive feel to your office, restaurant or store. What’s more, is that you can blend visual and audio together. So perhaps you have a Christmas playlist against a montage of your social media ‘best bits’ or specific hashtag campaigns from throughout the year. 

Christmas is a great time to capitalize on what makes digital signage such a great form of marketing - relevant, timey campaigns that can be uploaded at the click of a button! Have a go for yourself on our website.

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