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What QSRs Should Know About Digital Signage In 2022 (and Beyond)

2022 may be the year that finally sees the breaks come off on post-Covid QSR recovery. Franchisors and content teams able to leverage smart QSR content strategies will be best positioned to cash-in. It’s not just about having digital signage and food menu media. It’s about tactical deployment.

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A lot has been said, rumored and written of the economic meltdown caused by the pandemic. It’s no secret that quick-service restaurants took among the biggest hits. McKinsey certainly noticed, citing stronger demand for digital delivery and a shift in spending from QSRs to grocery stores as two major disruptive factors. Moving beyond what seems to be the worst of it, the bounceback is now on for QSRs willing to innovate. QSR digital signage promises to be part of the springboard to revitalized profits and footfall.

A Coherent QSR Digital Signage Content Strategy Will Be a Must

It’s just not enough to swing open your doors and expect the locals to walk in and order ‘the usual’. Post-Covid, QSRs have a battle on their hands. Customer loyalty should be re-incentivised and reinforced. Skewed spending trends should be re-stabilised and re-established.

Smalltown QSR franchises that rely on a local customer base may get by and survive without much innovation, but they won’t thrive.

Those in more competitive spots—where busy infrastructure gives customers greater options—have to go one further with a coherent QSR digital signage content strategy.

Hyper-Local Messaging Needs to Go Paperless

Hyper-local messaging will continue to be a key factor post-Covid to connect with local QSR food preferences. But QSRs should no longer rely on paper menus to create it.

Instead of cumulative print, paper and admin costs, QSRs should turn to digital signage to create marginal cost gains over time, automate hyper-local food media menu messaging and give teams back time to focus on service.

Cross-Touchpoint QSR Communication Should Be Carefully Designed and Deployed

The core perk of QSR digital signage is the ability to diversify and strengthen communication with the customer.

Going beyond hyper-local messages, quick-service restaurant content teams need to consider the purpose of each touchpoint, with optimal placement of each food menu media screen—this is the kind of thinking that brings the ‘coherence’ to ‘QSR digital signage content strategy’.

QSR content strategists should consider:

  • Who the audience is for each QSR area or zone
  • What messages each audience needs to see
  •  How much content people can digest during interaction time

Remember, QSRs aren’t the only businesses using digital channels to reach and influence customers. Brand-customer relationships are hyper-digital today and there is such a thing as ‘too much’ digitization.

That means your QSR digital signage shouldn’t saturate customer spaces and attention. Instead, it should assist their journey meaningfully ‘from sight-to-bite’.

In other words, your food menu media should direct and inform customer attention, without becoming performative, arbitrary or overindulgent.

How to Start Building or Keep Growing Your QSR Digital Signage Content Strategy Cost-Effectively

For QSRs yet to roll out a coherent QSR digital signage content strategy, the most cost-effective way is to build slowly. Connect any existing screens you already have with one of our media devices. Then slowly scale your ScreenCloud subscription.

Don’t have the screens yet? We’ve got budget-friendly options that include different types of hardware solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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