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Find Out How to Elevate QSR Footfall, Brand Relevance and Sales at National Restaurant Association Show 2022

Creating digital dining experiences doesn’t need to be complex. Digital signage and food-menu media is already helping QSRs elevate their digital dining experience in the most seamless and cost-effective way. ScreenCloud will be attending the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show, the largest New World food-industry event to demonstrate to QSR-owners and franchises how they can elevate their QSR brand, enhance customers’ experiences and boost sales without breaking the bank.

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In the attention economy, digital distraction is QSR's number-one competitor. QSRs must not only compete with big chains and other local competitors, but with their own customers’ limited attention spans, ambient digital distractions, and choice abundance.

Staying relevant in a changing space

Staying relevant in a modern context—where diners have countless options for sourcing a bite of something fast and tasty—means connecting digitally with customers’ habits and preferences. 

ScreenCloud’s digital signage and food-menu media is already helping QSRs globally to elevate their franchises in the most modern, seamless and cost-effective way—turning sights-into-bites, from curbside to inside. And here’s why.

Intuitively seamless, yet affordable

Creating an unforgettable digital dining experience is not only for those high up the food chain (pun intended). Starting from $5 on software-only solutions and complete turnkey food-menu media from $35, QSRs can gradually scale their operational needs with ScreenCloud’s range of affordable options.

ScreenCloud’s QSR menu board bundle from $35/screen/mo, includes:

  • Display screen
  • Mount installation
  • Full software licensing
  •  Support and customer success advocacy

Forget uploads, downloads or USB sticks—ScreenCloud seamlessly connects to countless screen types—even on existing screens you may already have, avoiding expensive, lengthy and complex installations.

ScreenCloud’s software-only solutions are set up on existing screen/s for $5/per screen/mo.

Scale down printing costs while scaling up sales by up to 38%

QSR Magazine’s research suggests that digital menu boards have proven to increase sales by 38% when tactically displaying specific menu items on screens, inside or outside your restaurant.

Reducing printed menus in a health-conscious era, not only makes you an ‘eco-friendly’ QSR, but also negates long-term printing costs. Three birds, one stone.  

Powerful brand consistency with flawless digital menu designs across franchises

ScreenCloud’s Canvas editing tool has over 50 screen-ready best-practice templates that help QSRs create attractive, dynamic menus and food-menu media.

Imagine streamlining mouthwatering, HD food-media visual merchandising by updating global or regional menus and promotions from a single content hub.

ScreenCloud’s digital signage real estate allows flexible user control, enabling QSR-owners to manage countless screens across countless locations, or make quick, tactical changes for single franchises or territories.

 Flexible, safe, secure, and continually compliant

While ScreenCloud offers flexible user control, the security can be customized with managed user roles and tailored permission settings. ScreenCloud won’t leave your restaurant compromised as the software is SOC2, SOC3, and GDPR compliant.

About National Restaurant Association

Established in 1919, with representation from 50 states and 110 countries, the NRA has been the go-to resource for professionals within the food- and hospitality industries. The National Restaurant Association Show aims to help industry experts discover and create partnerships, new ideas, products, solutions and information.

With more than 900 product categories across 1,300 exhibitors, attendees will no doubt source the needed inspiration to increase the success of their operations.

Come and discover how food-menu media and digital signage can contribute to your digital dining experience and get a personalized demo of exactly what your QSR digital dining experience can look like for building larger followings of hungry regulars. 

If you have not yet registered for the event, you can follow the link below, or contact us here to help with your QSR digital signage. 

Event details

When: 21 – 23 May 2022 between 9:30am – 5:00pm, and 24 May 2022 between 9:30am – 3:00pm

Where: McCormick Place, Chicago, North Building, Booth 5557

Register link:


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