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What's New in Studio? August 2021

Remotely clear your cache, PPTM file uploads, bug fixes and more!

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Remote cache clearing

Although you've always been able to clear the cache of a screen on the device itself, we've recently added the option to do this remotely from inside Studio!

If you wish to clear the cache of a device remotely, you can now find the option inside each screen's menu area. Clearing the cache removes all cached data on the device itself (such as images and other media) and may also reload the player depending on the device is being cleared.

Clearing a cache can help troubleshoot issues like screen content not updating.

Channel scheduling improvements

Another big update for Channels: improving our scheduling feature with lots of cool updates. The team have been hard at work ironing out bugs and making improvements to make your advanced scheduling as easy as possible.

Various media updates

The team have been listening to your requests in our media section and have made some great updates:

  • Media folders are now sortable by Name + Latest.
  • We now support PPTM file uploads.
  • Our file upload limit has increased. You can now upload up to 200 files at once.
  • Our transcoding time has also been improved so long videos will be ready for your screens sooner.

Other Updates

We've also fixed plenty of bugs and improved our online/offline Status for your screens with more improvements to come.

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