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Speed, Automation, and Reliability Matter When an Event Occurs | Emergency Alerts App in Studio

ScreenCloud’s ‘Emergency Alerts’ feature complements and amplifies your existing safety protocols and processes; while keeping your people well-informed and up-to-date before, during and after these events.

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Why use Digital Signage to display emergency alerts?

In conjunction with other warning systems such as text messages and email, you can also use the Emergency Alerts app to broadcast information and instructions via your screens. With emergency alerts, your screens become another part of your multi-channel alert output, helping ensure critical information gets to those impacted – quickly.

  • Reach all corners of your deskless workforce - Make sure everyone gets the message and knows what to do. Screens are particularly useful for targeting ‘digitally detached’ individuals.
  • Automation you can rely on - There’s no requirement to manually access ScreenCloud and cast alerts – these are automatically triggered by a third party alerts platform.
  • Get the right message to the right people - Organize your alerts by spaces to ensure only individuals in affected areas are notified.

How it works

Emergency Alerts is an app within ScreenCloud that acts as an extension of an existing Mass Alert Platform such as Singlewire, RAVE and Omnilert. When an event is triggered, we receive a message via common alert protocol (CAP) and override what is displayed on the screens. It will remain on screen until you decide to remove it.

Find app guide here

Top Tip

When an emergency alert instance has been set up there is no need to schedule this within a playlist or channel. The instance will simply sit in the background listening for an alert and when triggered will automatically cast to all screens within that space.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

The Emergency Alerts feature is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans and is included for all of our education and non-profit customers. If you can't see it in your account, please reach out to your account manager or support and we’ll get you sorted.

We would love to hear how you have been using the Emergency Alerts app. If you have any feedback for the team or just need help getting started, chat with us.

Alternatively, if you’re not yet with ScreenCloud, talk to Sales here to get up and running:

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