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ScreenCloud Delivers New Solution for Secure Display of Dashboards

Get your data dashboards in front of any team, securely and with the flexibility to scale across screens and locations

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LOS ANGELES, CA - February 25, 2021 - ScreenCloud, the digital signage software leader, today announces a new solution built on a fundamentally different approach to data dashboard security. Business intelligence tools have had a profound impact over the past several years, but most employees never see these dashboards. As companies look to maximize productivity and get the most out of their tools, ScreenCloud Dashboards ensures that everyone in an organization can now have access to critical data without compromising security. 

ScreenCloud Dashboards is coming out of a successful beta where customers were able to securely display on their screens data dashboards from tools like Chartio, Grafana, Power BI, SignalFX and Tableau as well as various internal dashboards unique to each customer’s business. 

“Finding a partner to get content on displays securely and efficiently might seem like an easy task, but it’s really not,” said Kyle Wagner, Infrastructure Engineer at Flagger Force and beta participant. “ScreenCloud is unique in its passion to innovate in this area, with a secure solution that’s robust and easy to use for all levels of users. Our call center and marketing department needed multiple types of content including secured data on displays, which was very difficult to accomplish. But with ScreenCloud Dashboards supporting virtually any source whereas so many other vendors are limited, we were able to accomplish exactly what we needed.” 

The main reason why dashboards have not been shared more broadly up until this point is security concerns, leaving this data visualization locked behind logins in departmental silos and hidden from the majority of staff. This is a massive lost opportunity as dashboards are proven to not only monitor performance, but also drive business growth from how teams respond to seeing the data in the moment. 

“This has been the number one requested feature across our 9,000 customers over the past several years,” said Mark McDermott, CEO and Co-Founder of ScreenCloud. “We’ve always been aware of the problem, but the solution wasn’t obvious - until we dug all the way in. ScreenCloud Dashboards needed to be built with security as a core focus in order for it to deliver on its promise of getting critical data in front of more employees so that companies can boost engagement and drive productivity.” 

With ScreenCloud Dashboards, your credentials are never exposed to the screen device. In fact, credentials are stored encrypted, using a unique key and IAM role, and the decrypted value is only accessible to dedicated, private servers that run no other applications and are automatically deleted and rebuilt from a clean template regularly to ensure they are always safe and up to date. This is how we protect your credentials and keep your data safe. 

If you’re interested in learning more about ScreenCloud Dashboards, you can read up and schedule a demo here: 

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