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Keep Your Playlist and Channels Up to Date With Studio’s “Clean-Up” Feature

Keep your playlists and channels looking fresh and up-to-date using Studio’s “Clean-Up” feature to bulk remove expired content, streamline content management, and save users time and effort.

April  2023

ScreenCloud Post

Imagine having multiple playlists with a mix of evergreen and time-sensitive content. As your playlist and channels grow, it can become difficult and time-consuming to locate and remove expired content. Studios’ playlist and channel “Clean-Up” feature simplifies this process, allowing you to easily manage and remove outdated content in one fell swoop.

Introducing Studio’s Clean-Up Feature

Digital signage is often used to display case-by-case content like seasonal promotions or safety alerts in the workplace. These alerts might be relevant for a limited period, such as during a construction project or during inclement weather conditions.

In Studio, you can schedule the availability and expiration of content in both channels and playlists. However, managing expired content can become increasingly difficult as more content expires and builds up in your playlists, especially if you have multiple pieces of expired content in various different playlists throughout your organization that you need to sift through.

With Studio’s “Clean-Up” feature, you can bulk remove all expired content from your selected playlist or channel, ensuring that your content remains fresh and relevant. This feature is designed to optimize content management, making it quick and effortless to clean up your playlists and channels.

With the “Clean-Up” feature, safety alerts can be scheduled to expire after a certain date or time and then bulk-removed using the “Clear Expired Content” button. This ensures that workers are only presented with relevant safety information and that outdated alerts do not clutter up the display screens.

You no longer have to spend endless hours scrolling and sifting through outdated content, allowing you to save time and keep your playlists organized and clutter-free, streamlining your workflow.

This feature works for all zones, so you can be sure that your content is up-to-date and relevant across all of your screens.

How To Bulk Remove Expired Content in Studio

In Studio, you can schedule content to play on repeat for specific days or during certain times of the day. After a piece of content has passed its expiration date, it will appear gray in your playlist or channel.

To remove all expired content across all zones or playlists, select the “Clear Expired Content” button. Note that this button only appears when expired content is available.

To clear your expired content, follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your Studio account and go to the channel or playlist where you want to remove expired content. Expired content will appear gray to indicate that it will never play on screen again.
  2. To clear the expired content, select the "Clear expired content" button located at the top right of the screen.
  3. After you select the button, the expired content will be automatically deleted.
    In channels, this feature works for all zones, so expired content in multiple zones will be cleared with one click.
  4. Finally, select “Publish” to save all changes.
  5. That's it! You can now easily streamline cleaning up your expired content.

The “Playlist Clean-Up” feature is available to all ScreenCloud users, so log into your account and start saving valuable time and effort by optimizing your channels and playlists. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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